Supplement Retirement Savings with Income Made Online

Most people have big dreams for how they hope to spend their retirement. Unfortunately, sometimes people end up bored or without enough money to fulfill their goals. When people discover they cannot continue with their desired standard of living, they may end up not retiring at all (or decide to get a part-time job to make ends meet).

What you might not know is that the Internet has not only revolutionized how people access information and buy products online, but it has also changed how people can make money (and create their own side incomes).

When you work online, you can be anywhere...

In addition to the exploding opportunities for working at home, here are six excellent ways for anyone (retired or not) to start earning an online income in their spare time.

1. Blogging

Over the past several years, blogging has gained a lot of attention. A blog is one of the easiest ways for anyone to start a website, brand or online business of their own. Through the use of a blog you can create your own little spot on the Internet where you can write about what you are passionate about, provide informational resources for others or even share your expertise on anything you like.

Many blogs start out as a hobby. As new content is added, it may become a valuable resource to others and could even earn money in the process through on-site advertising or selling products or services. Some of the largest sites in the world today are running off the WordPress platform, which is the CMS (content management system) that makes setting up and running a blog easy for anyone. You can literally get started with your own blog in just a few minutes.

To learn more about how to start a blog and generate revenue in the process, simply click here for a recommend guide on the topic.

2. Freelance Writing

On the Internet, content is king – there is always going to be a growing demand for people to create this content. There are many content creation services out there that allow anyone to join and complete writing jobs for other brands and websites. This means you could join a freelance writing service, select the articles you would like to write and you will be paid for every completed article you submit. Writing jobs are usually paid on a per-word basis. Some writers are earnings hundreds of dollars per month by completing writing jobs in their free time.

3) eBay and Amazon

In addition to creating your own little space on the Internet and building out your own services, you can use popular sites like eBay and Amazon to sell products of your own. Many individuals are finding success selling unwanted or unused items around their house.

While you may have heard of people making millions of dollars selling products through eBay or Amazon, this simply isn’t likely – though it is possible. Instead of trying to win the lottery with these sites, we recommend you start small by selling any unwanted items you have around the house or even finding heavily discounted products in local stores and then selling them online at a higher price. While this won’t make you rich, you may be surprised at how quickly some of these items sell and the amount of money you can earn from just a few minutes worth of work.

Be sure to visit eBay and Amazon to learn how to sell items through each of their sites.

4) Etsy

Etsy is another online marketplace.  However, on Etsy, most of the items for sale are home made.

If you are at all crafty or consider yourself an artist, Etsy might be able to provide  you the ideal place to make money from your creative endeavors.  Browse their editor picks to see what other people are selling on Etsy.

5) Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is marketplace for online tasks.  Businesses can list odd jobs that they need done online and individuals can apply to get those things done.

6) Marketing Your Services and Finding Jobs

No matter your particular skills, there are endless online options for promoting yourself, finding jobs or adding other revenue streams to your business.

Just start googling and researching and you will find so many opportunities.

If you are marketing a service, see where your competitors are listed and evaluate what they are doing online to find ideas for how you can get new business.  Get yourself on the online directories and review services.

If you are looking for jobs, there seems to be an online marketplace for every type of service.

Start Small and See Where it Takes You

As you can see, there is a lot of potential for earning a supplemental income online. The important thing to remember is that you should start small and increase your efforts and earnings over time.

The best way to think about making money online is to look at it like a numbers game. How much would an extra $10 per day earn you over the course of a year? (365 days X $10 = $3,650!) That’s a nice amount of money to put in your pocket while working from home and enjoying your years in retirement!

Zac Johnson is a marketing expert who helps online brands and businesses get the most out of their data and marketing efforts. Read more through his blog.

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