The Price is Right! Top Couponing Strategies and Web Sites for the Retired

AARP senior discounts used to be one of the only ways to save money. Now online coupons and discounts can be found on anything and everything and are a great way to save money on retirement expenses. Here are a few of the strategies and sites we think are best.

• Search for Specific Discounts: If you are planning on buying something at a specific retailer, do a quick internet search for coupon or discount codes for that store. For example, if you are going to buy something at Kmart, search for “Discount codes for Kmart” or “coupons for Kmart.” You will likely find an array of offers that will immediately save you money!

• The Grocery Game: bills itself as the ultimate grocery savings web site with instant price comparisons, unadvertised sales and the fastest and biggest savings on groceries.

• Shop Specific Coupon Sites: You can browse or search for discounts on popular couponing sites like:, and

• Comparison Shop: is a site that enables you to compare prices for specific items across a variety of retailers.

Do You Have a Favorite Discount or Couponing Web Site? Share it Here.

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