Thumbs Up for the Best Retirement Stories from 2017

Best of Retirement News

Below are the best retirement stories from 2017 — the articles on NewRetirement that our readers liked most from the last year.

The 8 Skills You Need for a Fantastically Happy Best Retirement

It is not millions you need to be happy in retirement, you need skills. Huh? What skills? Explore the 8 traits that can help you have a more successful future.

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How Does Your Retirement Decision Making Compare to Everyone Else’s?

We have big choices to make as we enter and live in retirement. See what the average person does and what experts suggest you do for a better retirement.

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The New Rules of Retirement: 10 Guidelines for Financial Security

Change is happening. Quickly. Here are 10 rules for a financially secure retirement in these crazy times.

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How to Prepare for 6 Awful Retirement Events That Are VERY Likely to Happen to You

There are a lot of things that could go wrong in retirement. But some things are more likely than others. Find out how to protect your finances.

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NewRetirement Users Reveal the Secrets of their Successful Retirement Plans

Want to know what it takes to have a successful retirement plan? Here are 7 secrets from NewRetirement users who have planned a secure retirement.

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Want to Retire Early? Here Are 8 Tips to Make it Happen ASAP

Planning an early retirement is a worthwhile pursuit. Make this dream a reality: here are 8 key ways to retire early – as soon as possible in fact.

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5 Easyish Steps to a Secure Retirement: Jump In!

No matter what you have saved, you can retire. This easy to use guide will help you jump in. Get started right now. Find out how to retire!

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Don’t Worry. Be Happy (and Retired)!

Review the list of people’s biggest retirement worries and get concrete ideas for how to reduce these stresses. Don’t worry!

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You Might Be Worried About the Wrong Thing! Why You Need to Focus on Spending Not Saving!

Retirement experts tell you to save! However, the best thing you can do to secure your future is focus on how much will you spend in retirement.

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Try Out the One Two Punch Strategy to Knock Out Worries About Running Out of Money

You are probably worried about running out of money in retirement. Use a “one two punch” or another specific strategy to significantly reduce your risks!

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Want to Be Secure? Update Your Retirement Plans at Least Quarterly

Find out why you need a quarterly retirement check and what you should look at and how to make it quick and easy. Improve your future today!

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10 Exceptional Tips for the Average Joe or Jane as You Transition to Retirement

We boomers were never average. However, here are 10 exceptional tips for the transition to retirement that apply to us all.

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How Much of the Global $400 TRILLION Retirement Shortfall Belongs to You?

If you are a bit worried that you don’t have enough money for retirement you are definitely not alone. A new report finds that the world will have a $400 trillion retirement shortfall in the next 30 years. What can you do about your piece of this pie?

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What to Do in Retirement? Definitive Ranking of the Best Ways to Spend These Wonderful Years

The best retirement plans: These 25 ideas and lifestyles rise above the rest as the best ways to spend your retirement.

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Are You Saving Too Much for Retirement?

Perhaps as many as 20% of people are saving too much for retirement. Figure out how much you really need. Are you saving enough? Or, too much?

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20 Great Retirement Travel Ideas

Here are 20 tips for making travel after retirement plentiful, affordable and completely fulfilling. Get ready to make reservations!

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Manage Retirement Withdrawals to Pay Less in Taxes and Maximize Income

A tax-efficient strategy for retirement withdrawals can be the difference between thriving and just scraping by. Get 6 tips for keeping more of your money.

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6 Competing Priorities that Make Creating a Retirement Investment Plan SO Complicated

Creating a retirement investment plan for after you retire is downright complicated. Explore 6 priorities and how to manage them all.

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8 New Retirement Trends: Is Your Future as Rosy as the Data Suggests it Should Be?

Forget the doom and gloom about your future. 8 new retirement trends suggest a rosy future for baby boomers. See if you are on trend!

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5 Things No One Tells You About Retirement that You Need to Know

Many people have trouble adjusting from the working world to a life of leisure. Here are 5 things you need to know that most people don’t talk about.

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8 Topics to Tackle if You Want to Survive Retirement with Your Spouse

Start talking! 8 discussions you must have with your spouse before retirement – important topics that will determine your financial and emotional health.

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By the Numbers: 11 Figures You Need to Know for a Secure Retirement

How to make sense of retirement planning? Here is your guide to the 11 retirement numbers that are most important for a secure future.

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  • Retirement Manifesto: A journey toward early retirement, covers practical retirement planning issues.
  • Behavior Gap: A blog by Carl Richards, a certified financial planner and the creator of the weekly Sketch Guy column in the New York Times.  He makes complex personal finance ideas relatively simple.
  • Nerd’s Eye View — Michael Kitces:  Trustworthy source of personal finance information.
  • Get Rich Slowly:  A personal account of J.D. Roth’s journey from getting out of debt to saving, investing and retiring early.   Smart money advice.


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