Best Financial and Retirement Articles from Q2 2022

Of the all the new and interesting articles published in the second quarter of 2022, these are the top financial and retirement articles that have resonated the most with readers on NewRetirement.

best financial articles

Best Financial Articles from Q2 2022

Readers liked an interesting variety of articles over the last 3 months. The economy was clearly worrying people, but not too much.

9 Ways to Overcome the Terror of Spending Your Retirement Savings

Uneasy about watching that retirement nest egg get smaller month after month? Don’t worry. Use these 9 tips to overcome your fear of retirement spending.

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Stock Market Corrections, Crashes, and Bear Markets: What to Do When Your Investments Go Down?

Stock market corrections are a reality, but that doesn’t make them less painful. Here are 10 tips for weathering these storms.

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Keys to a Successful Retirement: The 3 Traits of Financially Solvent Retirees

A recent study found 3 traits to help you achieve a successful retirement. Adopt these maxims to achieve a more secure future.

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15 Mistakes People Make with Roth IRA Savings and Conversions

There are a lot of potential Roth IRA mistakes to be made: 1) Not doing it, 2) Not knowing the rules, 3) Timing, 4) Poor planning, 5) Overlooking spouse… and more!

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Don’t Panic and 4 Other Quick Reminders for an Economic Downturn

Here are 5 quick and easy tips to consider as stocks slide, interest rates rise, and inflation persists.

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11 Ways Money Really Can Buy Happiness

Does money buy happiness? It does if you know how to spend it. Find out how to improve your quality of life with the right kind of spending.

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16 Retirement Numbers You Need to Know for a Secure Future

How to make sense of retirement planning? Here is your guide to the 16 retirement numbers that are most important for a secure future.

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Can You Live Happily in Retirement With Just 66% of Your Work Income? (Yes! Most Do)

Research suggests that average annual retirement income for retirees is far less than what they earned before retirement. And, it’s not a problem!

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I Bond Pros and Cons: Why They’re Such a Sweet Treat Right Now

I scream. You scream. We all scream for… I Bonds. Learn why there is so much excitement for I Bonds and explore the pros and cons of this investment.

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28 Keys to Building Wealth (Even Building Wealth After 50)

Building wealth can happen even after age 50! Just follow a few of these 28 best practices and habits consistently.

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Is a Retirement Bucket Strategy Right for You and Your Money? (And, How to Calculate)

Is a retirement bucket strategy right for you? Learn how to calculate your buckets and model them in your financial plan.

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Why the Housing Market is More Important than the Stock Market for Most People

People often worry about the wrong things. You might be watching the stock market, but other metrics are significantly more important to most.

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10 Great Tips for Managing Money in Retirement

In some ways managing money in retirement will be easier and in other ways it will be harder. Here are 10 tips for getting it right.

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And, Here are the Top Financial Articles from Q1 2022

Average Retirement Income 2022: How Do You Compare?

The latest data suggests that retirement incomes have fallen. Find out how your income compares to current averages and get tips for boosting what you can spend.

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How to Live Your Best Life: The Overlooked Habits of Happy Aging

You know diet and exercise can help you live your best life. Have you also developed the social, emotional and financial habits you need to thrive?

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Average Retirement Age: Early Retirement is Alive and Well

The average retirement age is… Find out and discover how to determine when you can securely retire… Age 50? 62? 75?

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Average Retirement Spending: Will You Spend a Lot More or Less Once You Retire?

Average retirement spending for those over 65 is $48,872 a year. See average spending in specific categories and how to project your own needs.

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Average Inheritance: How Much Are Retirees Leaving to Heirs?

This article explores average inheritance numbers. Find out if you can you afford retirement and a financial legacy and explore tips regarding inheritance.

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Retirement Planning and Your Taxes: 24 Tips for Keeping More of Your Own Money

Planning for retirement should involve strategizing to minimize taxes. Explore 24 tips to help you plan, file, and save money.

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15 Scenarios to Try with a Comprehensive Retirement Calculator!

Want to prepare for your future and get the most out of your money and time? Here are useful scenarios to help you discover the right choices for you.

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Great Financial Advice in 8 Word or Less

Financial advice is often complicated. However, it can be simplified. Browse short snippets of wisdom for saving, investing, spending and living.

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23 Ways to Cut Costs for Retirement

Reducing expenses is a good way to deal with inflation. Here are 23 tips to make it a little easier to cut costs.

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Can You Do Better than Average on this Quiz of Your Retirement Financial Literacy?

The average that people got right was a mere 30 percent. How will you score on this quiz of retirement financial literacy? Find out now!

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