Most people earn income from a job, but passive income, pensions, Social Security, investment returns, and more are all critical sources of income that you may want to mix and match throughout your lifetime.

Your income levels and the source of that income will likely evolve over time.

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Retirement Calculator With Pension: Find the Inputs You Need!

While pensions are not nearly as common as they once were, they are a very important part of the retirement plans for many of society’s most valued workers: teachers, police officers, fire fighters and more!  However, it is surprisingly hard to find a reliable retirement calculator with pension inputs. 5 Retirement Calculators With Pension Controls:…

November 11, 2019

Social Security Benefits for Women: Avoid Making a Big Mistake

For many women, Social Security benefits are not nearly what they could be. Too many women are making a big mistake by claiming early. Why are women’s Social Security benefits typically lower than men’s? There are a few issues. Women tend to start Social Security earlier than men — lowering their monthly paycheck. The longer…

October 6, 2019

Is Age Discrimination a Threat to Your Retirement Plan?

The growing population of older Americans, and a lower propensity for retiring early, seems to create a bit of a problem for some employers. Although discrimination against older workers is fully against the law under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Workplace age discrimination affects the best and brightest…

October 3, 2019

Do You Really Care About Your Wife? (Social Security Survivor Benefits Suggest Otherwise)

An important study from the Boston College Center for Retirement Research has found that husbands ignore (maybe overlook or under think) their wife’s retirement income needs when making decisions about when to start Social Security benefits. Widows (and widowers) are entitled to switch to Social Security Survivor benefits and receive their spouse’s full benefit amount…

September 18, 2019
will i run out of money in retirement

Knock Out Worries About Running Out of Money! Give Your Retirement Plan the 1-2 Punch it Needs!

Believe me, you are not alone if you have nervously asked yourself, your spouse or even a financial advisor: “will my retirement savings last as long as I do?”  Concerns about running out of money in retirement are almost universal — no matter how much money you have.  After all, there are many unknowable variables…

July 23, 2019
Taking a sabbatical leave

Taking a Sabbatical Leave: A Sneaky Way to Get an Early (Temporary) Retirement!

Early retirement is something most of us dream about.  But it is usually just that — a dream.  However, have you considered a sabbatical?  A sabbatical can be a meaningful and highly satisfying way to to get an early, albeit temporary, retirement. Sabbatical or Burnout? Sabbatical Meaning What Exactly? Sabbaticals, mini retirements and gap years…

July 10, 2019

The Retirement Switcheroo: 6 Tips to Flip Your Mindset from Saving to Efficient Spending!

Retirement is a big deal and a huge life change. You have a whole new lifestyle and need a very different way of thinking about your money. In fact, your financial mindset needs to get flipped upside down. You need to go from a focus on accumulation (saving, saving, saving) to spending (efficient use and…

February 6, 2019

Podcast: Ken Goldberg & Eric Brewer – AI, Automation and the Future of Work

Episode 22 of the NewRetirement podcast is an interview with Ken Goldberg, a Robotics Professor from Berkeley, and Eric Brewer, a VP at Google and a Professor of Computer Science at Berkeley. We discuss Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Automation and the Future of Work. We’re live in studio in Mill Valley CA and we cover the…

January 23, 2019
unhappy at work

Are You Unhappy at Work? Is Retirement the Right Answer?

Job satisfaction in the United States has been falling since the late 1980s.  Across all economic and age levels, around 50 percent of all American workers are unhappy at work according to the Conference Board who has been doing job satisfaction surveys for almost 20 years. Is retirement the answer? Are you retiring to run…

September 20, 2018

Podcast: Mary Beth Franklin on Avoiding Big Social Security Claiming Mistakes

Episode 10 of the NewRetirement podcast is an interview with Mary Beth Franklin.  Mary Beth is a nationally recognized expert in Social Security claiming strategies.  In fact, she literally wrote the book (“Maximizing Your Clients’ Social Security Retirement Benefits,”) that retirement planning experts use to advise clients on Social Security. Listen to find out why…

June 7, 2018
retirement income conference

9 Powerful Insights from the Retirement Income Summit

Earlier this week I traveled to Chicago to attend the Retirement Income Summit — a financial advisor industry conference focused on the latest ideas about how to improve and secure retirement income. I saw presentations, met up with insiders in the financial services industry and found a few ideas to help you have a better…

May 3, 2018

NewRetirement Podcast: Work and Jobs Over 50 — Steve Chen Interviews Kerry Hannon & Philippe Violette

Hosted by Steve Chen, founder of NewRetirement, the NewRetirement Podcast offers interviews about the wise use of both money and time in retirement. Explore ideas and great insight so that you can achieve a secure and meaningful future.Episode 2 is an interview covering two perspectives about work, working less and jobs over 50: Kerry Hannon…

January 24, 2018

Married? This is the Single Smartest Social Security Decision You Can Make

You have a lot of decisions to make about retirement. And, if you are married, you have nearly twice the number of choices – plus the complications of competing priorities and sometimes differing goals and expectations.Your Social Security decisions can profoundly impact your spouse today, tomorrow and long after you are gone.The good news is…

May 8, 2017
social security 2017

Social Security 2017: What to Watch

Social Security 2017: You might want to keep your eye on the money. While President Trump promised on the campaign trail that Social Security would not change if he achieved victory, many pundits are worried that this is one promise he will not be able to keep. Most experts have assumed that Social Security would…

February 2, 2017
Social Security Tricks

Social Security Tricks: Ace the Ultimate Marshmallow Test

It is no secret that delaying the start of your Social Security benefits will probably pay off big in the long run.  However, most retirees eschew the advice and start getting Social Security paychecks almost as soon as they are eligible. According to a report by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, 90%…

January 4, 2017
jobs for seniors

Jobs for Seniors: Prospects Improve Greatly for Older Workers

A recent study reports that jobs for seniors are easier to find. The average retirement age is being pushed back each year and there is no longer a “typical” definition of what retirement is. A large number of older Americans don’t necessarily ever want to stop working completely, for reasons such as keeping themselves busy,…

August 18, 2016

How Do Clinton and Trump Compare on Social Security and Other Retirement Issues?

Should retirement issues influence how you vote?We are in the midst of a presidential election like none that has ever come before.  And with record numbers of people turning age 65, retirement issues are important. If you are at or approaching retirement age, you may wonder which candidate is a better bet for your interests…

July 20, 2016
social security disability

Expert Interview Series: Sheri Abrams on Social Security Disability

An illness or injury can totally derail the best laid retirement plans, making it difficult or impossible to earn an income. In 2014, 2.5 million Americans applied for Social Security Disability. But only 810,973 were granted disability payments. What happened? What went wrong? Government agencies can be tricky to navigate at the best of times,…

May 16, 2016
social security

3 Big Social Security Changes: What Do They Mean for You?

A few big new Social Security changes will begin being implemented on May 1, 2016 Most of these rules aim to eliminate the ability to manipulate benefits so that you can continue to delay the official start of your own Social Security payments — thereby maximizing your monthly benefit amount.  The longer you delay starting…

March 30, 2016
Social security benefits

Thought Leader Series: Retiring on Only Social Security: Great or Terrible Idea?

Rebecca Wiggins is the Executive Director of AFCPE and holds a Masters of Family Financial Planning from Kansas State University. Search for an AFCPE Certified Professional in your area by using the association’s search tool. Now in its 80th year, Social Security is still the cornerstone of the American retirement plan. Following the Great Depression,…

November 2, 2015
Improve your retirement plan

Know Your Social Security Choices to Improve Your Retirement Plan

Choosing the right time to claim your Social Security benefits could improve your retirement plan. If you review your Social Security choices — your options for claiming Social Security benefits, you will find that you can increase your monthly Social Security income by waiting until after you are 62 years old to claim your benefit.…

October 28, 2015

Supplement Retirement Savings with Income Made Online

Most people have big dreams for how they hope to spend their retirement. Unfortunately, sometimes people end up bored or without enough money to fulfill their goals. When people discover they cannot continue with their desired standard of living, they may end up not retiring at all (or decide to get a part-time job to…

September 14, 2015
Social security

Will Social Security Really Be There When You Retire?

With Social Security celebrating its 80th birthday this year, it’s a good time to reassess whether the program still works, and whether it might even exist once your retirement rolls around. It’s seen its share of negativity, with many people doubting its solvency and ability to roll with the unsteady times. But a funny thing…

September 11, 2015
retirement work

Retired Boomers Going Back to Work: It is Not About the Money!

Today, more people are continuing to work at some capacity during retirement compared to past generations. And the reasons—as well as the benefits—leading Americans back to the labor force in what’s supposed to be their “non-working years” are not entirely money motivated, a recent study finds. Many retired Baby Boomers (Americans born between 1946 and…

August 27, 2015

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