Retirement Planning

Your retirement plan is a roadmap to your future, but like all plans, it is likely to evolve and change over time.

The economy will not behave exactly as you have anticipated and your own life and goals will also change over time.

And, the best retirement planning goes way beyond your savings and investments. Numerous other factors like Social Security, when you stop work, your longevity, home equity, debt, taxes, income sources, inflation, spending, healthcare costs, lifestyle choices, and more may actually represent greater value or be more important than your savings with regards to your overall financial wellness.

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Retirement calculators

Retirement Calculators Offer Answers — and Solutions

Retirement calculators give you a quick peek at what you will need to retire, and how your current plan is helping you reach that goal. But it’s more than just a snapshot tool. The real benefits come in the insight they offer. Retirement planning is more than following a step-by-step procedure to get from point…

May 14, 2015

You Will NEVER Retire! (And Other Big Retirement Myths)

“You will never retire.” Those are four dreaded words no person wants to hear, especially those nearing retirement — even those who have not saved for retirement have hopes of retiring. One in five people who are near retirement age have no money saved, according to a survey last year from the Federal Reserve. The…

May 13, 2015

Expert Interview with Mark H. About Financial Planners and Calculators

The tools for financial independence are at your fingertips, as long as you know where to find them. In this interview, Mark H. of talks about financial planners and calculators and how they can help individuals plan for retirement, college, and just about anything else. But savings isn’t all these planners and calculators help…

May 5, 2015

The Retirement Crisis is Real: More than 50% of Americans Do Not Have Enough for Retirement

The U.S. is in the midst of a growing retirement crisis, and it’s only getting worse as an increasing number of Americans are less prepared to live on their savings than ever. According to “The Reality of the Retirement Crisis,” a report released this year by the Center for American Progress (CAP), more than 50…

April 24, 2015
age discrimination

The Top 3 Real Retirement Money Worries and Common Fears that Should Not Concern You at All

If the thought of retirement has you furrowing your brows in anguish, you’re not alone. The possibilities of high medical bills, running out of savings and not being to afford daily expenses are Americans’ top three concerns around retirement, a recent survey reveals. Other factors like the viability of Social Security weigh heavily on…

April 21, 2015
Retirement plans

Expert Interview with Kim Peters About Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

Sometimes it’s hard to even think about retirement when you have yet to find a job that really embodies what it means to work for a great company. Kim Peters of Great Place to Work has made a living out of identifying places of employment that go above and beyond what many expect from traditional…

April 14, 2015
Retirement software

Expert Interview with Marc Des Rosiers About Retirement Software

Retirement for Baby Boomers and subsequent generations will look much different than it did for our parents and grandparents. Due to lifestyle changes and advances in medicine, Baby Boomers have a much longer life expectancy than previous generations. In fact, it’s increased more than six years since 1980, says Marc Des Rosiers, fellow of the…

April 3, 2015

How to Plan Retirement When You Don’t Really Have a Plan

How to plan for retirement?  It is a question a lot of people ask, but not as many answer. Planning for retirement isn’t easy — and if you’re like most people, you’re probably putting it off.  A recent survey by Wells Fargo found that only 69 percent of middle class respondents aged 40-59 (the prime…

March 16, 2015

Retirement Income Planning: Americans Want Lifetime Income but Are Not Sure How to Get It

Eighty-four percent of Americans say having a guarantee of monthly income for the rest of their lives is important to them, yet nearly half (44%) are unsure if their current retirement plan offers them the option of receiving a monthly paycheck in retirement, a new study shows. In addition, having guaranteed money every month to…

March 3, 2015

How to Deal with the Emotional Challenges of Retirement

Like any other transition, retirement presents some unique challenges. Though this is a major life stage, there isn’t usually much discussion about the emotional challenges of retirement. However, in the end, knowing how to deal with retirement emotionally can be just as important as financial preparation. How Many People Experience the Emotional Challenges of Retirement?…

February 26, 2015
Retirement planning

Why Retirement Planning is Different for Women

It’s relatively common knowledge that women tend to have a longer life expectancy than men. But the common knowledge is also backed up with data. According to the Social Security Administration, a man who is 65 years old today can expect to live to 84.3 years. But a woman who is 65 can expect to…

February 23, 2015

Retirement Travel: 9 Concrete Ways to Make Your Dreams a Reality

Travel smart, and you could see places you’ve only dreamed of. Retirement seems to be the universal time to think about traveling extensively, but travel can be expensive, especially if you want to cross the oceans. If your retirement funds aren’t as much as you’d like them to be, you might believe that you’re stuck…

February 12, 2015

Retirement Planning: How to Address the 3 Biggest Problems Facing Boomers

If having the finances to maintain a comfortable lifestyle in retirement is of growing concern to you, you’re not alone. Baby Boomers have seen their confidence in retirement deteriorate as a result of the recent economic downturn. As the economy improves, the ability for baby boomers to reach their goals should improve with the economy,…

January 27, 2015
Retirement calculator

4 More Questions a Retirement Calculator Can Answer

A retirement calculator gives you a snapshot of where you are now, where you’re headed, and what to expect once you get there. You could find those answers on your own, but these nifty devices are designed to make it simple and quick. Think of it like a checkup. You might have a terrific diet,…

January 23, 2015

National Retirement Risk Index Prompts Standard of Living Concerns

The closer you get to retirement, the more you’ll wonder whether you’re really prepared for it. But the National Retirement Research Index (NRRI) does more than wonder. It determines how many households are considered “at risk” of lacking the finances to keep their current lifestyle once they retire. When you’re younger, it’s easy to think…

January 16, 2015

New Years Resolutions: 5 Retirement Planning Ideas for 2015

It’s a whole new year for a whole new retirement planning attitude. Ringing in the new year with a host of resolutions? Then you’re in good company. Or maybe you gave up on the idea of making sweeping changes years ago, in favor of taking things as they come. However you approach it, every turn…

January 8, 2015
Retirement planning

6 Retirement Planning Tips for Women

All things considered, the average woman has a longer retirement than the average man. It’s fairly well documented that women tend to live longer. Couple that with the trend of women leaving the workforce at a younger age, and you’ve got more retirement income years to think about than you might have realized. A longer…

January 7, 2015

Are You Alone and Planning for Retirement? Retirement Planning for Singles

A lot of retirement advice skews toward married couples, but what about those who are single? Many retirees today are divorced, widowed or never married. This means they are doing their planning for one, instead of for two, and that they’re relying on their own sources of retirement income, rather than those of a spouse.…

January 6, 2015

Who Wants to Retire as a Millionaire?

Slow and steady wins the race. That’s the lesson from The Tortoise and the Hare, and it applies to financial planning, too. People begin saving for retirement at all different ages. But which idea sounds more appealing: Working extra hard later in life, and hoping you’ve saved enough to retire when the time comes? Or…

December 30, 2014

How Much Do I Need to Retire? Five Retirement Planning Tricks to Make the Most of What You Have!

More than half of Americans (52%) aren’t financially prepared for retirement, lacking the necessary income to maintain their pre-retirement standard of living. In fact, Americans’ financial preparedness has improved only slightly since 2010, despite gains in the economy, according to a recent report by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. That study, based…

December 30, 2014
Preparing for retirement

Expert Interview with Diane Compardo on Preparing for Retirement

Preparing for retirement is not as simple as it used to be. A number of seismic shifts in the prevailing culture are affecting the way we perceive, and prepare for, the future. With people shifting jobs more regularly, as well as uncertainty about what the state of the economy will be when the time comes…

December 29, 2014
Preparing for retirement

Expert Interview with Art Koff About Preparing for Retirement

Preparing for retirement begins much earlier than one’s twilight years. In fact, most retirement professionals recommend planning for retirement as soon as possible. Art Koff from understands that retirement is a major life change, but knows that with proper planning, retirement is something to enjoy. Retirement can be a scary situation for many. What…

December 17, 2014

Retirement Planning: 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Retirement Income Lasts as Long as You Do

Whether retirement means kicking up your feet, pursuing a new career or enjoying a favorite hobby, there’s one looming concern most Americans share: running out of money. A study from Allianz Life Insurance found that most Americans fear running out of money in retirement more than they fear death. Sixty-one percent of all respondents said…

December 10, 2014

6 Changes Coming to Retirement Benefits in 2015

Ringing out the old and ringing in the new includes new changes to retirement benefits and plans. Nothing stays the same forever. And although some guidelines won’t vary much, if at all, changes in other areas of your retirement plans could be dramatic. Here’s what you can expect in 2015, from Social Security to a…

December 4, 2014

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