Retirement Planning

Your retirement plan is a roadmap to your future, but like all plans, it is likely to evolve and change over time.

The economy will not behave exactly as you have anticipated and your own life and goals will also change over time.

And, the best retirement planning goes way beyond your savings and investments. Numerous other factors like Social Security, when you stop work, your longevity, home equity, debt, taxes, income sources, inflation, spending, healthcare costs, lifestyle choices, and more may actually represent greater value or be more important than your savings with regards to your overall financial wellness.

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retirement crisis

Retirement Crisis? Maybe, But the Reality is that Most People Will Retire Happily and Be Just Fine

Many of us are terrified of jumping into retirement. We read about the retirement crisis and worry about our own finances, but millions of people retire every year and report feeling great about their lives.  Is it possible that you should Keep Calm and Retire On?  How Worried Do You Need to Be About the…

March 26, 2024
stoic wisdom financial plan

Stoic Wisdom: 6 Key Insights to Make You Happier Today and Wealthier in the Future

There is surprising buzz around Stoicism, an ancient Greek philosophy. See how Stoic wisdom can help you achieve financial wellness.

March 21, 2024
cut costs for retirement

24 Ways to Cut Costs for Retirement

Reducing expenses is a good way to deal with inflation. Here are 24 tips to make it a little easier to cut costs.

March 20, 2024
behavioral finance

Behavioral Finance: 16 Easy Ways to Outsmart Your Brain for More Wealth and Security

Behavioral finance can show you how to be happier, wealthier and achieve a better retirement. Explore 16 rules of thumb for a better future.

March 7, 2024
best state for retirement

How to Determine the Best U.S. State for Your Retirement

Explore 10 things to think about – lifestyle and financial factors – when considering the best state for retirement.

February 29, 2024
state taxes

Which Are the Most Tax Friendly States for Retirees 2024?

Are you in a tax friendly state for retirees? Explore the best states for taxes and review the income and sales tax rates in all 50 states.

February 29, 2024

Understanding How Concepts of Time Impact Your Financial Plans

Explore how different philosophical and cultural definitions of time can provide insights into your financial decision-making process.

February 19, 2024
average retirement age

Average Retirement Age: Most People Are Working Longer than You Might Think

The average retirement age is… Find out and discover how to determine when you can securely retire… Age 50? 62? 75?

February 14, 2024
work retirement savings

Still Working? Consider 12 Ways to Supercharge Your Retirement Savings

Consider all the strategies for maximizing saving opportunities while you are working.

February 12, 2024
no regret retirement

The No Regret Retirement: Make Sure You Are Happy with the Big Decision

You don’t want to and can’t afford to get retirement wrong. Here are tips to make sure you are ready, willing and able to have a retirement without regrets.

February 8, 2024
financial roadblocks

How to Breakthrough the Top 3 Mental Roadblocks to Retirement Success

You need a retirement plan even if you don’t want one. Here are 3 tips for overcoming the mental blocks to achieving a secure financial future!

January 30, 2024
long life

How to Live a Long Life: 15 Habits of Happy and Healthy Aging 

You know diet and exercise can help you live a long life. Have you also developed the social, emotional and financial habits you need to thrive?

January 4, 2024
best retirement articles

Best Financial and Retirement Articles from 2023

Top retirement articles covered averages, happiness, fears, regrets, and more related to achieving a secure future.

December 26, 2023
financial worry

How Worry Tricks You into Worrying More and How to Feel Good About Your Financial Future

Worrying is not the solution to financial stress. Find out about the one powerful thing you can do to feel better about your future.

December 20, 2023
planning scenarios

20+ Eye-Opening Scenarios to Try with a Comprehensive Retirement Planning Tool!

Explore 20 scenarios to try with the NewRetirement Planner. These will increase your planning know-how and build your financial confidence.

December 14, 2023
best life expectancy calculators

The 10 Best Life Expectancy Calculators and Why You Should Use One When Planning Your Retirement

Estimating your longevity with a best life expectancy calculator is a great way to improve your retirement financial and lifestyle projections. Start now!

December 14, 2023
financial planning checklist

Your Year End Retirement Checklist: Put 2023 Behind You and Prepare for a Great 2024 and Beyond

Use this retirement checklist of 25 wise things to do before each year’s end to set yourself up for a great 2024 and a secure future.

December 7, 2023

Estimates for Your 2023 Data Are Now Available in the NewRetirement Planner

The NewRetirement Planner now shows an estimate for your 2023 year-end numbers. The 2023 values are available on all charts.

November 30, 2023
Plan your dreams

Plan Your Dreams: 11 Guidelines for Building a Financial Plan for the Life You Want

The most important part of your financial plan isn’t your rate of return. It is planning your dreams – whatever is important to you.

November 30, 2023
Tap home equity for retirement

5 Ways to Tap Home Equity in Retirement and 7 Times When it May Be a Good Idea to Do So

Have financial holes in your retirement plan (like not enough savings or unknown risks? See if you should use home equity to fill them.

November 20, 2023
retirement planning ages

Key Retirement Planning Ages: Important Milestones Everyone Hits in their 50s & 60s

Certain ages play a crucial role in retirement planning. Find out what you need to know when.

November 16, 2023
best financial planning tools

The 5 Best Financial Planning Tools Online: Go Beyond Budgeting

Whether you are interested in budgeting, monitoring your finances, or making better financial decisions, find a financial planning tool that fits your goals.

November 12, 2023
marshmallow test

Why Financial Planning is the Ultimate Marshmallow Test

Let’s find out why financial planning is the ultimate marshmallow test and explore a few tips for how you can ace it.

November 9, 2023
alternative investments

Are Alternative Investments a Good Idea for Your Retirement?

Should you consider alternative investments as part of your retirement asset allocation? Probably not, but it depends. Explore the pros and cons.

November 9, 2023

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