Retirement Planning

Your retirement plan is a roadmap to your future, but like all plans, it is likely to evolve and change over time.

The economy will not behave exactly as you have anticipated and your own life and goals will also change over time.

And, the best retirement planning goes way beyond your savings and investments. Numerous other factors like Social Security, when you stop work, your longevity, home equity, debt, taxes, income sources, inflation, spending, healthcare costs, lifestyle choices, and more may actually represent greater value or be more important than your savings with regards to your overall financial wellness.

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Podcast: Melissa Fredette — Financial Independence via Real Estate

Episode 51 of the NewRetirement podcast is an interview with Melissa Fredette — former President of Postgraduate Programs at Hult International Business School — and discusses what she learned during her journey to FI and as she transitions into retirement before 50 using a portfolio of rental properties. Listen Now: Don’t miss out on future…

January 19, 2021

Bad News that Will Be Really Good Economic News in Today’s Topsy Turvy Times

As you look for signs of recovery from the economic turmoil of the pandemic, you’ll want to keep your eye on a few economic indicators that are usually seen as bad news. Why? Well, because in the topsy turvy world we live in today, bad news may actually be good news. Rising Unemployment Rising unemployment…

January 12, 2021

Podcast: Dana Anspach — Retirement Income Planning

The 50th NewRetirement podcast! This time, Steve Chen is joined by guest Dana Anspach — Certified Financial Planner™, author, and the founder of Sensible Money — and discusses her practice and approach to retirement income planning. Listen Now: Don’t miss out on future episodes: subscribe on iTunes subscribe on Stitcher And, join our private Facebook…

December 17, 2020
retirement planning guide

Retirement Planning Guide: 8 Steps to a Better Future

Financial planning is probably not on your top ten list for how to spend your time. However, getting your hands around your finances and planning a secure future retirement can make you feel great. And, it doesn’t have to be hard. Here is your complete retirement planning guide. This simple eight step plan will help…

December 16, 2020

Podcast: JL Collins — The Simple Path to Wealth

Episode 48 of the NewRetirement podcast is an interview with JL Collins — a best-selling author and financial independence guru — and discusses the what, why, and how of Financial Independence as well as Collins’ book, “The Simple Path to Wealth”. Listen Now: Don’t miss out on future episodes: subscribe on iTunes subscribe on Stitcher…

October 15, 2020

Didn’t Save Enough for Retirement? Don’t Worry: Here Are 10 Tips for Making it Work

If you think you haven’t saved enough for a truly secure retirement, think again.  The impossible could become possible with these 10 creative ways to retire. You see, saving diligently your entire life and then quitting work to play bridge is only one way to get to retirement. And, the odds are that it is…

October 14, 2020
how to retire abroad

How to Retire Abroad: 12 Tips for Retirement Overseas

Are you wondering how to to retire overseas? If so, you’re in good company! Retiring Overseas Has Almost Doubled in Popularity Retiring abroad has become increasingly popular.  According to the Social Security Administration, the number of retirees who draw Social Security outside the U.S. jumped 40%, to more than 413,000 between 2007 to 2017. And,…

September 28, 2020
tax free retirement income

7 Sources of Tax-Free Retirement Income

You’ve worked diligently and paid your taxes along the way. When retirement finally arrives, you deserve to collect at least some tax-free retirement income without Uncle Sam coming back for more. With a bit of strategic planning, it’s possible to enjoy much or even most of your retirement income tax-free. The following seven sources are…

September 18, 2020

The Ulysses Strategy: 5 Tips for Taming Fear and Greed to Achieve Retirement Security

The Ulysses Strategy (Ulysses is the Latin name for Odysseus) is a method financial planners developed to keep savers and investors from listening to the sirens’ call that could wreck their financial ship. The Story of Ulysses and the Sirens In “The Odyssey,” the great adventurer Odysseus spends ten years trying to get home safely…

September 18, 2020

Retire AFTER 65: It’s One of the Secrets to a Long Happy Life!

A study from a team of researchers at Oregon State University shows that the longer you wait to retire, the longer you will likely live. So if you are planning to put off retirement until after 65, get your retirement plan ready — you’ll want to make sure you have planned to afford the extra…

September 18, 2020

The Right Kind of Stress for a Secure, Happy and Relaxed Retirement

When most people think about financial and retirement planning, feelings of stress, worry, and anxiety rise in our throats. This stress — while unpleasant — exists for good reason. Stress serves a purpose. Less than 50% of people have a written retirement plan. The majority of people simply don’t have enough saved for this time…

September 3, 2020
countdown to retirement

Your Countdown to Retirement Checklist: 10 Tips to Be Ready for Blast Off!

If you are in the countdown to retirement – marking the days until you can launch into the next stage of your life –  this checklist is for you. In the past, many people thought of retirement as a time of life when things slowed down. Now, retirement is more of a blast off into…

September 3, 2020
retirement planning guide

Retirement Planning Guide: 8 Steps to a Better Future

ADVERTORIAL Financial planning is probably not on your top ten list for how to spend your time. However, getting your hands around your finances and planning a secure future retirement can make you feel great. And, it doesn’t have to be hard. Here is your complete retirement planning guide. This simple eight step plan will…

September 1, 2020

Podcast: Alan Donegan — Journey to FI and Starting Companies

Episode 45 of the NewRetirement podcast is an interview with Alan Donegan — founder of PopUp Business School and host of the Rebel Entrepreneur with ChooseFi — and discusses Donegan’s own journey to financial independence and the people that he’s met along the way. They also go in-depth on how to start a business. Spoiler:…

August 20, 2020
books about retirement and aging

Books About Retirement and Aging

Personal finance, investments and much more. Find fiction and many books on achieving a meaningful, happy, healthy and successful retirement.

August 15, 2020
retirement books

20 Best New Retirement Books for Summer Reading 2020

The summer of 2020 hasn’t felt much like a summer since we’ve been working from home and not traveling since March. Whether you’re going on an all-American road trip in August, making s’mores in the backyard, or even if your vacation plans have been put on hold till 2021, these new and newly updated retirement…

August 6, 2020
future value calculator

How to Calculate the Future Value of Your Retirement

Understanding the difference between the future value of your money versus the present value of your money can be tricky.  (Using a future value retirement calculator can make it easy though.)  Once you get your head around the concepts they are pretty simple, and you’ll see why understanding this way of thinking about cash is…

August 6, 2020

Podcast: Christine Benz — Morningstar & 25 Years of Personal Finance

Episode 43 of the NewRetirement podcast is an interview with Christine Benz — author and Morningstar’s director of personal finance — and discusses the big financial and life lessons Benz has picked up over her 25-year career at Morningstar. They also talk about Benz’s works, 30-Minute Money Solutions: A Step-by-Step Guide to Managing Your Finances…

July 23, 2020
retirement withdrawals

Your Guide to Developing a Retirement Withdrawals Strategy

You’ve spent your entire working career saving and investing for retirement. Now it’s time to develop a retirement withdrawals strategy. When you are thinking about withdrawing money from your retirement accounts, it’s important to come up with a strategy that ensures that your savings are going to last for a lifetime, are used efficiently, and…

July 7, 2020

The Secret to a Happy Retirement? A Schedule!

Before retirement, life has a predictable routine. Work takes priority, and oftentimes everything else is scheduled around it. From laundry to mowing the lawn, many people plan and keep a routine so that everything gets done. After retirement, there’s nothing but time! So, it might seem that schedules aren’t crucial. But a routine might be…

July 5, 2020

Home-Sharing: The Golden Age of Golden Girl-Style Retirement Living for Baby Boomers

It has been nearly 30 years since the hit television sitcom starred in living rooms across the nation. However, we may be just reaching the golden age of the Golden Girls. While their arrangement may have seemed unusual at the time, four adult women sharing an apartment may not be that far-fetched. In fact, many…

July 5, 2020

Ask Yourself These 3 Questions to Find Out Your Retirement Readiness

While financial and health concerns are a major part of every person’s retirement decision, it’s important to ask yourself questions that go beyond financial preparedness to help determine at what age retirement is right for you. Americans are living longer than ever. This means that many individuals will actually spend more years in retirement than…

July 4, 2020
retirement questions

Focus on How Much Will You Spend in Retirement

You may be worried that you have not saved enough for retirement. And the first piece of advice from most financial experts is to tell you to save more! However, there is something much more effective you can do to make sure that you have enough money to live on in retirement.For a secure retirement,…

July 3, 2020
preparing for retirement

Preparing for Retirement: 7 Secret Training Tips for a Successful Future

When you hear the phrase “preparing for retirement,” you probably think about savings and budgeting.  However, your finances are just one aspect that you need to consider. Sure, you need to have your financial situation in check when you retire, but other aspects of your life could use some prepping as well. Here are seven…

July 3, 2020

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