Retirement Savings and Investments

There are a lot of questions about retirement savings and investments.

With regards to savings, you need to know: How much to save (did you know that some people save too much)? How much savings you will you need for retirement? Where should you save? Should you save pre-tax (traditional, SEP & Simple IRAs, 401ks, 403bs, 457s, 529s, HSAs, etc…) or after-tax (Roth IRAs and 401ks)? How do you find more money to save?

And, there are probably even more questions about investments: What should you invest in (stocks, bonds, real estate, funds)? How should your investments change over time? How do your financial values impact your investment strategy? What is the ideal asset allocation for you? What should you do when the market swings wildly?

See below for articles covering the answers to these questions and more.

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financial anxiety

Financial Anxiety Skyrockets: Why You Are Worried Even if You Have Saved More than the $14,500 Median

Is the retirement crisis real?  Whether or not you yourself are suffering, financial anxiety is acutely felt by many Americans. Research from the Employee Benefit Research Institute (ERBI) finds that the median retirement account balance for households led by someone between the ages of 55 and 64 is a mere $14,500. If you have more…

October 3, 2018

Can You Recover if the Stock Market Crashes?

The stock market is enjoying a crazy long record setting expansion.  By some measures, this is the longest bull market in the history of the United States. If this fact makes you nervous, you are not alone.  No one wants their retirement savings at risk. So, Will the Stock Market Crash? Ha.  Thought you’d get…

September 6, 2018

Podcast: Legendary Investor Jim O’Shaughnessy on Active vs. Passive Investing

Episode 14 of the NewRetirement podcast is an interview with Jim O’Shaughnessy – founder of O’Shaughnessy Asset Management. We discuss the investing lessons he’s learned from 30 years of investing – partially summarized in this tweet storm and why human behavior is the most predictable (and exploitable) element of the stock market. Listen Now: Don’t…

August 22, 2018

Podcast: Nobel Prize Winner Robert Merton on Fixing Retirement

Episode 11 of the NewRetirement podcast is an interview with Nobel Prize winner Robert Merton. Professor Robert Merton is a globally recognized economist and expert on life cycle and retirement finance (among other things). We discuss what’s wrong with the current focus on just building assets and why we should focus on retirement income instead.…

July 5, 2018

Podcast: Financial Advice from Allan Roth – You Get What You DON’T Pay For

Episode 7 of the NewRetirement podcast is an interview with Allan Roth — a highly in demand, by-the-hour financial advisor with over 25 years of experience in the field. He also runs Wealth Logic. Allan and Steve discuss how (and why) most people can do much better financially by keeping investments simple and managing expenses.…

May 3, 2018

NewRetirement Podcast: Investing Legend Bill Bernstein on the 5 Hurdles Between You and a Secure Retirement

Episode 5 is an interview with personal finance and investing legend Bill Bernstein. Steve and Bill discuss the hurdles between you and a secure retirement and how to overcome them. Hosted by Steve Chen, founder of NewRetirement, the NewRetirement Podcast offers interviews about the wise use of both money and time in retirement. We explore…

April 4, 2018
financial fraud

Over 50? 12 Critical Tips to Protect Yourself from Financial Fraud and Identity Theft

Last week it was broadly reported that the credit reporting agency Equifax suffered a major cybersecurity breach that put us all at a greater risk of financial fraud. Experts estimate that hackers stole the data — Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, driver’s license numbers, credit card information and more — of 143 million people.…

September 21, 2017
stocks too high 2017

Stocks Are Too High?

“As the major stock indexes have, one-by-one, broken through their previous record highs in recent months, it has been interesting to observe that the dominant reaction among many investors has not been one of celebration but, rather, anxiety.” While the above may sound like current events, it’s actually an excerpt from an April 2013 client letter.…

July 20, 2017
personal finance rules

Break These 5 Personal Finance Rules for a Wealthier Retirement

There are two kinds of people: those who follow the rules and those who believe rules are made to be broken. If you fall into the first camp, the following list may cause you a bit of anxiety. Personal finance is full of rules. While some of these rules are helpful, others can work against…

July 7, 2017

Shocking Retirement Statistic: Americans Hold 58% of their Investible Assets in Cash

Of all the tactics you can use to achieve a secure retirement, one of the easiest things you can do is to invest your money and earn returns on that investment.  Doing this requires virtually no sacrifice, compromise or a lot of work.However, a new study from BlackRock finds that Americans hold 58% of their…

July 5, 2017
retirement advice

Best Retirement Advice from Retirees: 8 Tips from an 80 Year Old Who Has More Savings Now than When He First Retired

You get the best retirement advice from retirees who really know something! Retirement advice and how it is implemented can have a profound impact on your retirement lifestyle and the estate you might leave behind.  Here Henry K. “Bud” Hebeler outlines concepts that helped him not only achieve a secure retirement but also be better…

June 5, 2017

Bud Hebeler’s 2017 Economic Outlook: 6 Reasons to Plan Conservatively for Retirement

The following on 2017 economic outlook comes to us from Mr. Henry K. “Bud” Hebeler.  Bud has been working with retirees for many years, developed special material for their use, and given numerous seminars on retirement. His current focus is dissemination of sound financial planning information that applies to a wide range of personal investment,…

May 24, 2017
transition to retirement

8 Esteemed Experts Offer Smart Strategies for the Transition to Retirement

The transition to retirement is exciting and scary.  Like all big events – graduations, relocations, marriage, childbirth, and more – life will never be the same again. To make your planning for this transformation easier, here is advice from retirement and personal finance experts. Go for Risk and Reward You have a lot of choices…

January 18, 2017
debt and inflation

Trick or Treat? The Frightening Truth About Debt, Inflation, and More

Some people are horrified by personal finance. It can be mystifying and intimidating. However, there are also many ways to profit from basic economic concepts. Halloween is both a horrifying holiday and a cute community event. Debt, inflation, high interest rates, and soaring stock prices are also both tricky and a treat, depending on circumstances.…

October 27, 2016
best retirement investments

What is the Best Retirement Investment? Target Date Funds or a Managed Portfolio?

What is the best retirement investment? A target date fund or something else? This content was originally published on RealDealRetirement by Walter Updegrave, RealDealRetirement @RealDealRetire Ask Real Deal Retirement… I’ve been putting my retirement savings into a target-date fund but want to know whether that’s a good idea or if I should consider other investments.…

September 29, 2016
Should you own stocks in retirement?

Should You Own Stocks in Retirement?

This content was originally published on RealDealRetirement by Walter Updegrave, RealDealRetirement @RealDealRetire Should you own stocks in retirement? Is it worth the risk? Are we crazy to avoid stocks? My husband and I are retired and living comfortably on income from Social Security, a pension and other sources. We own government bonds and have FDIC-insured…

September 15, 2016
Retirement planning

Retirement Experts: Lorena Brockman’s 6 Tips to Jump-Start Savings

Lorena Brockman is a blogger for and has notable know-how in blogging, finances, retirement, and has been deemed “Greatest Auntie Ever” by many. To learn more about Lorena, visit her company’s blog at Planning for retirement isn’t something people in their 20s, or even their 30s, usually consider. Retirement can often creep up…

May 16, 2016
how much to save

Expert Interview Series: CFP Kimberly Howard on How to Save for Retirement

Certified Financial Planner Kimberly J. Howard is well-known blogger who has written on subjects ranging from 401k’s and mutual funds to debt management and saving for college. She’s also the founder KJH Financial Services in Newton, Mass. and Denver, Col. and enjoys helping clients explore and achieve their life goals through effective comprehensive financial planning.…

May 14, 2016
retirement investing

Retirement Investing: How to Balance Safety with Adequate Returns

Retirement investing can be risky, but it does not need to be a gamble. This content was originally published on RealDealRetirement by Walter Updegrave, RealDealRetirement @RealDealRetire Ask Real Deal Retirement: I have roughly $1 million saved and hope to retire in about 10 years. I’m nervous about the market, but also worried that moving out of…

April 27, 2016
how much do you need to retire

How Much Do You Need to Retire? Don’t Guess! Find Out!

How much do you need to retire?  Have you made a guess?  Are you estimating that you’ll need more than you have?  Maybe you have kind of thought it through and come up with a number in your head?  Or perhaps you are just hoping that whatever it is you have will be enough? But…

April 27, 2016
IRA account

What is an IRA Account and Why You NEED One?

Planning for retirement is probably one of the most confusing jobs that you’ve ever taken on. There are so many choices to make, and so many so many questions that you’ve probably got. For example, what is an IRA account, and why do you need one? There’s so much more to retirement planning than tucking…

March 20, 2016
Obama Retirement Plans

Obama Retirement Plan: White House to Help 30 Million Access Plans

President Obama has a plan that his administration says may help 30 million more Americans gain access to retirement savings plans. The president is expected to outline the Obama retirement plan in his fiscal 2017 budget. Currently, one-third of all working Americans do not have access to a retirement plan through their jobs, according to…

February 13, 2016
Retirement calculator

Retirement Calculator Advice for Self Employed with Irregular Income

Self employment offers surprises everyday.  New challenges and often a different income every month.  As anyone who is self employed with an irregular income knows, retirement financial planning isn’t something that comes easy when you’re just not sure from one month to the next. Today might be a boon, and tomorrow might be a bust.…

December 1, 2015
Investing in real estate during retirement

Expert Interview Series: Sonia Booker about Investing in Real Estate During Retirement

“With rents going up, there are so many upsides to consider purchasing real estate to live; and in the long run, this purchase will provide a big boost to your retirement portfolio,” explains Sonia Booker. In addition to owning and running her eponymous website, Sonia is an innovative entrepreneur, author and real estate investor. Below,…

October 23, 2015

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