Retirement Services

Retirement Services to Strengthen Your Retirement Financial Plan! has amassed information on reliable products, services and ideas that can help you enter retirement secure that you can live comfortably for the rest of your life without running out of money.

The following retirement strategies and products will help ensure that you have a secure retirement plan.

Reverse Mortgages: A reverse home mortgage can turn your house into an income stream. Learn how Reverse Mortgages work and about the advantages and disadvantages of Reverse Mortgages.

Life Settlements: Do you need your Life Insurance? Find out if you could sell your life insurance policy for three to five times the cash surrender value.

Annuities: Lifetime Annuities will guarantee you an income for life. Learn how to evaluate annuities so you will never run out of money in retirement.

Retirement Financial Advisors: A certified financial planner can help you with estate planning, budgeting and asset allocation and strengthen your retirement financial plan.

Small Business Retirement Planning: There are many benefits and downsides to owning your own business - flexible retirement planning can be a big benefit.

Rollover/IRA: Transferring your retirement funds from your 401(k) and other employer sponsored accounts into a Rollover IRA account gives you more control over your retirement funds.

Refinance Mortgage Loan: Could you lower your mortgage payments and strengthen your financial planning for retirement by refinancing?

Long Term Care Insurance: Long Term Care Health Insurance can be a good asset protection strategy and can help insure a decent quality of life.

Compare Ways to Tap Home Equity: Reverse Mortgages, Home Equity Loans, Downsizing and Home Equity Conversions are all ways retirees can tap their home equity for retirement expenses.

Eliminate Debt: You should probably not retire with consumer debt. Explore ways to eliminate non mortgage debt.

Retirement Jobs: Working in retirement can provide great income as well as social benefits.

Social Security Optimization: When you start Social Security can have a profound impact on your retirement income.

Reduce Expenses: Explore ways to save money in retirement.

Senior Living / Retirement Housing: Learn about all your options for living in retirement and how they relate to your health and ability to care for yourself.

Low Income Benefits for Seniors: Learn more about programs to help seniors make ends meet and pay for medical expenses.

Estate Planning: Explore how to insure that your estate is in order.

Discuss Plans with Your Family: It can be a very good idea to discuss your retirement plans with family members – your retirement may have an impact on their lives and they may help you. An open dialogue can insure a more positive outcome for everyone.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance: Everyone gets Medicare, but you need much more for an effective healthcare risk management plan. The right Medicare supplement insurance can strengthen your retirement plan.

Relocation: Find the best places to retire. Do a cost of living comparison and find the best retirement locations. Relocation can save you money and improve your quality of life.

Ask Bud: Bud Hebeler answers your questions about retirement, retirement plans, Social Security and more.