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Retirement planning, particularly early retirement planning, is a critical episode in your financial life. There are many complicated decisions and if you get it wrong... you will not have sufficient retirement income to help you through the rough spots and protect you from future risks. An ideal time to consider consulting with a financial advisor is when you retire or begin retirement planning.

You may believe that financial advisors are only used by the super-rich for investment planning, sophisticated personal money management and complicated financial retirement planning. However, more and more Americans like you have invested their savings in stocks, bonds, CDs, mutual funds, index funds, and other complex financial instruments. We are doing our own investment planning to achieve our life goals, such as a secure retirement plan or early retirement.

As a result, financial advisors, such as a certified financial planner, are becoming more widely used by Americans with all sorts of financial profiles.

Furthermore, you will likely live in retirement for a very long time -- and it is not something that you have done before. A financial planning retirement advisor can help you anticipate and plan for many scenarios you might not have considered. Retirement financial planners can work through financial retirement planning, retirement income planning, and asset protection strategies. They can assist children of retirees with early retirement planning, assist your parents with senior financial estate planning, and customize financial management and planning to optimize you and your spouse's retirement plan.