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Our suite of calculators let you offer targeted, custom calculations that lead to insights, increased financial IQ, and conversions.

Embed exploration to boost engagement

Our calculators are designed to be folded into your website seamlessly. Let people play with information and bring financial concepts to life in a way that is tailored to them.
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Easy integration

With just a few lines of code you can embed our calculators into your website.
Want something a little more tailored to your business? We can help with that too. Or build your own with our APIs.

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Generate leads

Any of our calculators can be customized so that they generate leads for your business.

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Our Calculators

Retirement Calculator

Calculate when you can retire, projected net worth, how much money you'll need at retirement, and your projected retirement income.

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Annuity Calculator

Calculate your potential monthly annuity payments, annuity lifetime value, plus see how they'll be impacted by inflation and annuity type.

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Roth Conversion Calculator

Calculate current year Roth conversion strategies. Decide between converting up to a selected tax bracket, an IRMAA tier or a set conversion amount.

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More calculators are on the way

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