Reverse Mortgages

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A reverse mortgage is a loan. You are borrowing against your home equity. However, unlike traditional mortgages, with a reverse mortgage you do not have to pay back the money borrowed as long as you are living in the home.

When you get a reverse mortgage, you are borrowing your own home equity. (Home equity is the difference between what your home is worth and the amount you owe on your home.) So if your home is appraised at $300,000 and you still owe $50,000 on the mortgage, then you have $250,000 in home equity.

Use a reverse mortgage calculator to estimate your own loan amount. These systems estimate the amount of money you get with an equation using the appraised value of your home, the amount of money you owe on the home, your age and current interest rates.

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reverse mortgage lending limits

2023 Reverse Mortgage Lending Limits Increase: More Money for Some Borrowers

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December 5, 2022
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Reverse Mortgage Disadvantages and Advantages: Your Guide to Reverse Mortgage Pros and Cons

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How Does a Reverse Mortgage Work?

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Reverse Mortgage Calculator

Reverse Mortgage Calculator | How Does It Work

Reverse Mortgage Calculator: Understand How Reverse Mortgage Calculations Work, and Find Out How Much You Can Get from a Reverse Mortgage.

June 29, 2022
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14 Important Reverse Mortgage Facts

Do you know your reverse mortgage facts? More and more people are becoming aware of reverse mortgage as an option for tapping their home’s equity. Maybe you heard about the loan on a personal finance blog or from Tom Selleck on late-night TV. However, what is really true? With all of the buzz about retirement…

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Reverse Mortgage Checklist: Big Questions to Ask if You Are Considering this Loan

Your house is your: Home. Heart. Hopes. Wealth. Future. The decision to get a reverse mortgage is a big one. Use this checklist to make the right choice…

April 25, 2022

How Reverse Mortgages Work: Do You Agree With the Top 5 Reverse Mortgage Objections?

Given the right information, many seniors may actually find that a reverse mortgage is a good financial decision for their situation.

October 23, 2021
reverse mortgage

Reverse Mortgage Limits: The Government Limits How Much Money You Can Get in the First Year

The government-insured reverse mortgage program has undergone major changes in the last few years to better protect borrowers, including one that limits how much money borrowers can get in the first year of the loan. What?!?!???  Less money? How limited is access to your own home equity? Why is limiting how much money you can…

October 15, 2021

The Older You Are, The Greater Your Reverse Mortgage Benefits

Reverse mortgages provide older homeowners with an additional source of cash flow to supplement, and even enhance, their retirement savings. Depending on a borrower’s age, there are several ways that older retirees can maximize their reverse mortgage potential. A reverse mortgage allows homeowners age 62 and older to convert a portion of their home equity…

September 20, 2021

Jumbo Reverse Mortgage and Proprietary Reverse Mortgage Loans

If you interested in getting money out of your home and your home is worth more than the average, you should know about the jumbo reverse mortgage.

September 6, 2021

Use a Reverse Mortgage for Purchase of a New Home

Did you know you can use a reverse mortgage for purchase of a new home. Is this the right way to buy into your dream retirement location?

August 17, 2021

What is a Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit?

Can a reverse mortgage line of credit give you a more carefree retirement? Get the inside scoop on this somewhat complicated financial strategy.

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The Complete Guide to Reverse Mortgage Interest Rates and Fees

This is the most complete online guide to all of the costs associated with reverse mortgages including reverse mortgage interest rates.

July 2, 2021
retirement expenses

Innovative Uses of Reverse Mortgages: Smart and Sophisticated Ways to Tap Home Equity for Greater Wealth

Generally speaking, the uses of reverse mortgages are endless.  And, you get to choose the best way to manage or spend the money from the loan. Most seniors use a reverse mortgage to help close a gap between their retirement expenses and their retirement income.  Reverse mortgages eliminate monthly mortgage payments and give you access…

June 11, 2021

10 Expected and Unexpected Ways to Use a Reverse Mortgage

You might be surprised by how people use a reverse mortgage — bathtubs, a cure for loneliness, convertibles and more… Is this loan right for you?

May 21, 2021

Reverse Mortgages and Repairs to Your Home: What You Need to Know

One of the biggest draws for reverse mortgages is their ability to help older adults remain in their homes, while also providing them with some additional cash flow via their home equity. But while not everyone’s home may be physically equipped to suit their aging needs, certain features of reverse mortgages can help cover some…

April 9, 2021

Should You Tell Family or Heirs About Your Decision to Get a Reverse Mortgage?

The only people you NEED to tell about your decision to get a reverse mortgage are those who are living in your home with you. However, there are many benefits to sharing your decision with other family members — especially potential heirs. Here are 5 reasons why you might want to talk to your loved…

March 17, 2021
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Does Your Retirement Need a Plan B?

Life is full of the unexpected. And if you are a retiree, or soon-to-be retiree, you are probably looking for a backup plan to insure you won’t run out of money in retirement! Does your retirement plan need a safety net? The stock market fluctuates, illnesses occur, family emergencies happen and people are living longer…

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What to Do About a Reverse Mortgage After Death: Reverse Mortgage Heirs Responsibility

Managing all of the responsibilities of an estate after death can be incredibly stressful. If your family member had a reverse mortgage and you are the heir, it is important to quickly figure out what to do about the reverse mortgage after death. The heirs of reverse mortgage borrowers have a set of duties, even…

February 24, 2021
reverse mortgage

Who Owns Your Home When You Get A Reverse Mortgage?

Many folks think that getting a reverse mortgage means they are selling their home to a lender for a reduced value and that the lender gets the benefit of the future appreciation of the home. This could not be farther from the truth. Reverse mortgages are not scams. They are loans — a business agreement…

January 28, 2021

The New Reverse Mortgage: This is Not a Loan of Last Resort

Reverse mortgages have been commonly viewed as a last resort that should be avoided like the plague. This false “loan of last resort” reputation reduces reverse mortgage use among many retirees who stand to benefit from tapping into their home equity. However, several recent developments have transformed these products into viable financial planning tools. New…

January 21, 2021

The Safer Stronger Reverse Mortgage

Reverse mortgages were originally designed and still aim to help seniors in need. However, reverse mortgages in 2021 are safer, stronger and better than ever before. These loans have evolved so that they now have many official protections in place to make sure that borrowers are secure. And, more and more borrowers are using the…

January 14, 2021

Reverse Mortgage Myths Debunked: You Still Own Your Home and Have Home Equity

For some homeowners over 62 years old, a reverse mortgage can be a great option for improving retirement finances and quality of life. There are, however, quite a few misunderstandings when it comes to these complex financial products. In this article we will debunk a couple myths so you can more clearly decide if a…

December 16, 2020
types of reverse mortgages

How Many Types of Reverse Mortgages Are There?

Reverse mortgages are often talked about as a means to increase cash flow by tapping into home equity in retirement. But have you heard the full story? Do you know there’s more than one type of reverse mortgage? There are many types of reverse mortgages. Does one open the door to financial security for you?…

November 11, 2020

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