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cognitive bias

How to Outsmart Your Own Brain for a Better Retirement (Overcome Damaging Cognitive Biases)

Your brain is not necessarily set up in a way that makes it easy to plan a secure retirement. You have cognitive biases — faulty ways of thinking that are unfortunately hardwired into your brain — that work against you. Wikipedia lists 185 different kinds of cognitive biases. While they are all probably somewhat damaging…

How to Use the I.R.S. to Figure Out Safe Withdrawal Rates in Retirement

The Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.) is not usually thought of as an institution that adds a lot of value to our lives — to the contrary in fact. However, a few years ago, the researchers at the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College came up with a simple and relatively safe retirement withdrawals strategy…

Podcast: Nobel Prize Winner Robert Merton on Fixing Retirement

Episode 11 of the NewRetirement podcast is an interview with Nobel Prize winner Robert Merton. Professor Robert Merton is a globally recognized economist and expert on life cycle and retirement finance (among other things). We discuss what’s wrong with the current focus on just building assets and why we should focus on retirement income instead….

retirement savings tricks

Old Dogs Can Learn New Retirement Savings Tricks

We might be getting older, but there is till time for learning some new retirement savings tricks.  Do you have enough retirement savings? Are you feeling unprepared? Thanks to the following quick fixes, those worries end now. Old (and not so old) dogs can learn new tricks… Saving for retirement may seem daunting. You are probably…

The Biggest Retirement Planning Mistakes Boomers Made and How to Fix Them

Data from the Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) suggests that Baby Boomers are pretty busted and busted up about their retirement prospects.  Boomers have made some big retirement planning mistakes — even beyond giving away their record collections.  (You didn’t really do that, did you?) The results of the IRI survey reveal that many Boomers have…

Podcast: Financial Advice from Allan Roth – You Get What You DON’T Pay For

Episode 7 of the NewRetirement podcast is an interview with Allan Roth — a highly in demand, by-the-hour financial advisor with over 25 years of experience in the field. He also runs Wealth Logic. Allan and Steve discuss how (and why) most people can do much better financially by keeping investments simple and managing expenses….


No Laughing Matter: 6 Strategies to Manage Required Minimum Distributions (RMD)

When we reach the age of 70 ½ we must — in order to avoid tax penalties — take Required Minimum Distributions from IRAs, 401ks and other types of tax advantaged accounts — all  retirement accounts funded with pre-tax contributions. Here are some strategies to manage Required Minimum Distributions ( (RMD s). So what exactly is…

13 Retirement Investing Tips from Today’s Financial Geniuses

Were you the kid in kindergarten that secretly ate paste in the corner? Or were you the one solving all the math equations from the end of the book on your first day in class? (I knew those kids. Both of them were in my class – and I’m not yet admitting to being one…

NewRetirement Podcast: Investing Legend Bill Bernstein on the 5 Hurdles Between You and a Secure Retirement

Episode 5 is an interview with personal finance and investing legend Bill Bernstein. Steve and Bill discuss the hurdles between you and a secure retirement and how to overcome them. Hosted by Steve Chen, founder of NewRetirement, the NewRetirement Podcast offers interviews about the wise use of both money and time in retirement. We explore…

best retirement investments

The 10 Best Retirement Investments that Don’t Involve Stocks, Bonds or Any Other Financial Product

Investing in ourselves doesn’t need to involve money. In fact, many of the best retirement investments do not involve greenbacks at all. Instead, they are investments that use our time to the fullest, allow us to spend precious moments with the people we love, enable us to focus on those things that make us happy….