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Rollover Your 401k? Where? Introduction to the Question that is at the Heart of Retirement: What to Do with Your Nest Egg

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Congratulations. You are retiring and you have a 401k or more.

In other words, you have successfully accumulated tax deferred savings for retirement. The question now is how to spend those savings and how to maximize this spending for optimal financial efficiency in retirement.

In most cases you will want to start by rolling over (transferring) your 401k into an IRA or Roth IRA. Some companies actually require that you do this at retirement and most financial experts suggest that most retirees rollover in order to gain maximum control over your retirement funds.

There are many different criteria and even more types of financial products to consider when thinking about where to rollover your 401k money for retirement.

Some of the many questions to consider when evaluating rollover options include:

  • How does your 401k fit into your overall retirement strategy?
  • How will you invest these assets?
  • Would working with a Financial Advisor improve your retirement plan?
  • Should you choose an IRA or Roth IRA?
  • How do you maintain tax efficiency for those funds?
  • Will you be required to drawdown your savings and when?
  • Do you need to use some of the funds to protect against long term care costs?
  • What are your estate planning goals?
  • What types of investment vehicles serve your needs and are available with different IRA products?
  • And more....

Retirees have many options to choose from for where to rollover their retirement funds. Depending on your goals and which of the above mentioned criteria are important to you -- you may want to consider an IRA product that enables you to invest your funds in an annuity, bonds, mutual funds, money market accounts and more.

Further rollover options include financial vehicles that combine features of two or more of these products like retirement packages with insurance guarantees, systematic drawdowns, etc...

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