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How is Your Retirement Financial Plan? Are You Ready to Make the Leap?

Financial Planning for Retirement: Why You Should Maybe Jump on In and Retire

Most Americans facing retirement today say they are not confidently prepared for financing their golden years.  But a new study finds retirement maybe more comfortable than pre retirees think it will be. The outlook from those already retired is positive.  According to a survey of 401(k) and IRA contributors conducted by global investment management company…

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Retirement Planning Advice — by the Decade

Many times we race through the details of our finances and just do what we need to do month to month.  It is easy to forget to focus on the important long term concerns such as saving for retirement. Here is easy retirement planning advice for all phases of life.  Make sure to have a…

With a Retirement Advisor You Gain Confidence

The Top 3 Reasons Why People Seek a Financial Advisor; Financial Planning for Retirement Tops the List

While there are many different reasons people turn to financial advisors during their life, the majority turn to them for one reason: retirement. A survey from Wells Fargo found that 71% of investors sought financial advice for retirement. Other big life events also prompt Americans to seek out financial planners — 64% seek out an…


4 Ways a Financial Advisor Can Help You Plan for Retirement

As you approach retirement, the financial decisions you make now could mean the difference between comfort and stress as you age. Luckily, financial advisors are available to help ensure that you make the right decisions to enjoy your retirement days. Here are 4 ways a financial advisor can help you effectively plan for retirement. Do…

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Financial Planning Advice from the Experts

Financial advisers are everywhere, but some stand out as gurus. These men and women have years of experience, and make their careers from guiding clients, readers and listeners toward sound practices that will help them eliminate debt, build wealth and secure a comfortable retirement. Some of these experts have achieved veritable star status, and that…

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Retirement Planning: It’s Never Too Late to Start

Retirement can sneak up faster than you think. It’s understandable: Life happens, years go by, and then suddenly you realize retirement is a lot closer than it seemed just a year or two ago. Although most financial advisers recommend at least starting a modest retirement plan as early as in your 20s, that doesn’t always happen….

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Retirement Financial Planning: 5 Ways to Fix Your Retirement Financials

Three in four middle-class Americans will eventually run out of money during retirement, research shows. And when nursing home and home health care costs are factored into retirement spending, the number of people projected to run out of money is staggering. According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute’s (EBRI) study on retirement shortfalls, by the…

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Planning for Retirement: The Unique Challenges Facing Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are a a generation of firsts. You were the first to attend integrated schools, the first to take birth control pills and the first to bring feminism to the cultural forefront. You are also the first modern generation to largely manage your own retirement investments and the first generation without widespread access to pensions….

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Retirement Income: How Much Do I Need for Retirement?

Most retirement experts advise that retirees plan on securing 100 percent of their pre retirement income for retirement — though annual spending may decrease as retirees age. However, many pre-retirees are not nearly as prepared for retirement as they had hoped—and by no fault of their own. The economic crisis, housing crash and market downturn…

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Retirement Financial Planning for Baby Boomers: The Top 4 Goals

The 2008 recession and financial crisis deteriorated American baby boomers’ confidence in retirement planning, spurring a shift in their financial goals related to their later years. And while the ability for baby boomers to reach their goals should improve with the recovering economy, not everyone is confident about realizing their priorities in retirement. Only one-third,…