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The Psychology of Retirement

You’ve been working for over 40 years and now you’re approaching retirement. You have friends who have retired. Some seem happier than others, and you wonder what it will take for you to be happy in retirement. To help us understand the psychology of retirement, here is an interview between Gary Foreman of DollarStretcher and…

average life expectancy

WHERE You Live May Suggest HOW LONG You Will Live in Retirement (Average Life Expectancy 20 Years Shorter in Some U.S. Counties)

Life expectancy has mostly been rising in the United States — overall. However, new research has found that in some counties life expectancy is falling — people are not living as long in certain areas.  In fact, in many counties, the average life expectancy is 20 years — TWENTY years — shorter than in other…

saving too much for retirement

Are You Saving Too Much for Retirement? (It’s More Common than You Might Think)

We hear a lot of horror stories these days about people saving too little, but the fact is that some people are actually saving too much for retirement. It is possible to have too much of a good thing… It’s safe to say that my grandfather is one who saved too much because even though…

pre retiree get ready to retire

Time to Catch Up! 12 Things Pre Retirees Can Do Now for a Better Future

On your marks, get set…. RETIRE!  If you are in your 50s or 60s, you are probably a pre retiree — someone getting ready to retire.  You are about to step into the starting blocks and race for the finish line. Here are 12 things pre retirees can do now to improve their future: 1….

worried about retirement

Worried About Retirement? Try Changing Your Perspective

Your attitude toward anything in life is all based on perspective.  If you are worried about retirement, maybe you just need to change your approach. Albert Einstein is credited with this saying that shows how a flipped perspective can change how you think: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its…

retire early

Want to Retire Early? Here Are 8 Tips to Make it Happen ASAP

Retiring early is a dream for many Americans, but one that few are sure they’ll be able to reach. About half of Americans retire early — between the ages of 61 and 65. (that’s a full five to six years before full retirement age as defined by the Social Security Administration), and 18% of Americans…

retirement planning activities

Retirement Planning Activities: Are You Doing More or Less than Average?

Most of us have done some kind of retirement planning activities.  In fact, according to a recent study from Vanguard, only 1 out of 10 pre and recent retirees have not done any planning at all. However, not everyone is tackling the same retirement planning tasks and few of us are creating a really comprehensive…

retirement number

By the Numbers: 11 Figures You Need to Know for a Secure Retirement

Figuring out if you can retire securely can sometimes feel like the most complicated word problem ever.  Just figuring out which retirement number to worry about can be perplexing.  And then there is the further complication of knowing how they all fit together. Here is your guide to the 11 retirement numbers that are most…

7 Hot Button Political Topics that Could Impact Your Retirement Well Being

“All politics is personal,” so the saying goes.  And, this year that phrase is especially true for people nearing retirement. There are a lot of hot button topics on the table that have the potential to impact your retirement well being — no matter where you stand on the political spectrum. Here we discuss 7…

when to retire

When to Retire: How to Make the Right Choice with Advice from Decision Making Expert

When to retire.  Getting the answer to this question is — by far — one of the biggest decisions of your life and a choice that can cause a lot of stress.