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Social Security benefits are an amazing source of retirement income that adjust for cost of living and are guaranteed for the rest of your life – no matter how long you live.

It is no wonder that most people are anxious to start taking Social Security as soon as they are eligible. In fact, two thirds of Americans start taking Social Security early at age 62.

However, for most people, the best way to maximize your Social Security is to delay starting it. It is possible to begin Social Security benefits as early as age 62. However, your monthly payments will increase if you defer the start of your benefits until a later age. In fact, if you wait until age 70 to start Social Security, your monthly benefit could be more than double what it was at 62.

To maximize retirement income, many experts recommend retirees consider the following:

  • Don’t take Social Security at age 62 unless you have a very short life expectancy.
  • If you think that you will likely die before 80, start Social Security sometime between ages 65 and 67.
  • If you think that you will live beyond 85, delay the start of Social Security until you are 70.