Financial Wellness Benefit for Your Employees

Financial Wellness Benefit for Your Employees
Employers that help their employees with retirement planning show improved retention, productivity, and confidence at the workplace.
Provide a best-in-class financial wellness benefit to your employees to lower turnover, attract top talent, and keep defined contribution plan fees low.
NewRetirement is an advanced financial planning and management platform, combining innovative AI-based technology, insights, education, and community designed for a person’s entire life. Employees who are more engaged in their retirement planning are more likely to trust communications from their record keeper and employer.
“Financial wellness for employees can improve productivity and lower turnover”
Positive impact for employers
  • Increase employee confidence and job satisfaction
  • Reduce absenteeism and turnover
  • Differentiating recruitment benefit
  • Keep defined contribution plan fees low
Retirement planning across every life stage
  • From early career to early stage retirement
  • Help employees build confidence in the financial wellbeing
  • Assess value of Roth conversions
Employees get a holistic view of their financial situation
  • Add all assets to plan: home value, savings, other income sources, and many others
  • View a timeline of total net worth
  • Model long-term impact of increasing or changing contributions
  • Create an expense budget
Digital coaching and online educational materials
  • Podcasts, Videos, Articles
  • Real time education and coaching
  • Online Group Training
Unlike any Financial Planning Platform

Improve Fee Structure by Retaining Assets

Deliver on Fiduciary Obligations

Improve Employee Productivity

Only with NewRetirement
Accumulation and Decumulation planning
  • Holistic planning, with both accumulation and decumulation, for lifetime income
Dashboard and income
White Label and API delivery options
  • Customer branded with custom logic and stand-alone tools or full access to engine from existing applications
Interactive community helps drive innovation
  • Direct relationships with active user community of power users feeding rapid product innovations

Proven by End Users

“NewRetirement is helping guide my Roth conversion strategy. So helpful.”

Armin from El Cerrito, CA

“I’m a financial planning professor and suggest this to many of my students as a valuable tool.”

Prof from Pasadena, CA

“This platform sheds light on so many things that you need to think about and consider all in one place.”

Ann Marie B.

“Best solution for the DIY financial and retirement planner I have found in 20 years.”

Greg R.

“I am impressed by the depth and width of the calculations and also the fact that it is steadily being improved.”

Thomas P.

“Best retirement planning tool I've come across.”

Kevin R.

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