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My wife will hit FRA in 6 months, I won’t hit FRA for 3 years. If she starts receiving her SS benefits at 66 can she file for spousal benefits on me when I start receiving SS benefits at full FRA. I have gotten two different answers, what do you think.
Asked by a 62 year old man from Grand Prairie, TX on 11/14/2017

Dear Sir, Great question. The challenge with determining the best strategy for withdrawing your social security benefits is that there is no single answer for everyone and the solution that is best for you must be identified by analyzing your entire financial picture. Your best bet is to work with a financial advisor (preferably one with a strong tax background) to find the strategy that is right for you. This person may or may not be your CPA; it depends upon his/her comfort with the social security rules. The best social security strategy (versus the worst strategy) can add as many as six years to the life of your investment portfolio. It is well worth the investment to pay someone to perform the analysis..

Lynn Henley
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NewRetirement is a new approach for retirement planning – comprehensive, easy, personalized and designed for regular people. We started this company because our own parents needed help with retirement planning and there were not any affordable and trustworthy resources.

NewRetirement’s calculator is designed for anyone who is worried about their retirement – especially people nearing the end of their careers who are in their 50s and 60s. We help people figure out how to draw down their savings as well as think through things like Social Security, income streams, Medicare, work and phased retirement and how to manage debt, expenses and out-of-pocket medical costs to live as securely as possible.

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