Case Studies

Case Studies

How NewRetirement has helped real users with planning and managing their future.

De Pere, WI

After two long careers in public service, Curt and his wife decided it was time to start thinking about retirement. Curt was already literate in financial planning strategies, but found NewRetirement to be the best way to simulate his future and learn about retirement strategies personalized for his financial picture. After building his plan, Curt realized it would be a good idea to purchase Long Term Care Insurance to protect his family in the event of expensive care later in life.

More recently, when the market experienced volatility and Curt’s portfolio took a big hit. He used NewRetirement to identify areas of his plan that could be made more efficient to extend his income and increase his legacy. With NewRetirement, Curt has confidence that he and his wife can continue to meet their financial goals.

This isn’t rocket science. If a forester and a school teacher can rock retirement on public service salaries…anyone can.

Retired Forester
San Jose, CA

A few years ago Linda was ready to start planning for retirement. She and her husband felt like they had saved enough to retire, but wanted to understand what the risks to their plan might be as well as opportunities to improve their plan. Linda used NewRetirement’s What If Tool to simulate different strategies around social security, relocation and managing medical expenses. The ability to run these scenarios gave Linda the confidence she needed to retire comfortably. Now Linda uses NewRetirement on a regular basis to update her account balances and maintain peace of mind around her plan.

LOVE using this tool. My husband and I are approaching retirement age, so I have been using every online calculator I can find to figure out if and when we can afford to retire. NewRetirement is far and away my favorite.

Retired Software Engineer
Salt Lake City, UT

Emmitt was preparing to retire after a long career as a civil engineer. Emmitt had spent time simulating his retirement plan with products from Fidelity and Vanguard, but still didn’t feel like he had a clear picture of how much he needed to create the retirement he wanted. After his sister-in-law was swindled by a financial advisor, Emmitt was wary of leaving his planning decision up to anyone beside himself.

After creating his initial retirement plan with NewRetirement, Emmitt ran several What-If scenarios to determine how his financial security would be impacted under a number of different conditions. As it turned out, Emmitt’s plan was sustainable even with inflation, varying rates of return and a pessimistic market projection. Now Emmitt uses NewRetirement’s Key Dates tool to ensure that he’s always on time with his planning strategies, and sleeps better at night knowing he’s making the right decisions for himself and his family.

NewRetirement is a powerful yet easy to use tool. I discovered NewRetirement as my wife and I started the retirement phase of our life. Using NewRetirement, we were able to gain a clearer understanding of our financial situation. I recommend NewRetirement to individuals who are inclined to manage their own finances and/or use this tool to back-check information their financial advisors give them.

Retired Civil Engineer
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