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    Asked on 3/3/2007

    It is said that learning new skills or maintaining old ones is a key to staying young at heart and in mind. The other keys include having an interesting social life and participating in an exercise program.

    For me, this has included visiting a website called Clinical Geriatrics whose web site is http://www.clinicalgeriatrics.com/.

    Since I was not trained in medicine - I couldn't stand the smell of formaldehyde when dissecting the hapless frog back in HS - this website presents challenges to my ability to always understand what is being discussed.

    But with the advent of the Internet, new words and phrases can be looked up quickly. And with repeated use, reading and comprehension increases. And so does the satisfaction of overcoming one's initial ignorance in a subject.

    So, Readers, help me out! Join me in going through these Clinical Geriatrics articles and selecting those that may be of general interest to Readers of NewRetirement -- and then writing reviews of them.

    For example, there is an article about Medicare that I will be reviewing next that, I think, the rest of us would have an interest in.

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