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  • Large medical bills. What to do.

    Asked on 5/1/2007

    The best way to deal with large medical bills is not to ignore them or pay token amounts. You must work out a payment plan with each provider and get it in writing. Check your bills for errors, hospitals are notorious for making mistakes, get a copy of your medical chart and your pharmacy ledger and compare them with an itemized copy of your bill. See if you qualify for charity programs, some low income seniors may be able to receive help in reduced fees or total waivers. If you are uninsured ask for a discount, uninsured patients pay more than the insured. Don't borrow to pay the bills, the better terms and rates should be with the payment plan worked out with the provider. Do NOT agree to payments you cannot afford! Your mortgage, utilities and car payments are more important. As a last resort, you may want to consider bankruptcy, medical bills are unsecured debt able to be discharged.

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