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Personalized Retirement Plan
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Personalized Retirement Plan
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"NewRetirement has proven to have the most realistic and honest tool I have used to estimate my retirement income, how long it will last and real world world ways to improve my post retirement finances."

Boston, MA

"I find your calculator to be much more sensitively attuned to potential retirement variables than your competitors. I like being able to adjust to investigate alternative scenarios. Additionally, I like the articles and other information you include on your website."

Richmond, VA

"I’ve tried many retirement calculators and yours is the most comprehensive I’ve found to date. I update my plan monthly, and it keeps me focused and on track."

Round Rock, TX

Why NewRetirement?

Get The Most Out of Retirement

We are experts in and focused on helping people efficiently use their assets (decumulation) to achieve a secure income, SO THAT they can pursue their dreams.

Keep Your Costs Low

We are continually enhancing & refining our collaborative planning process. You can do it yourself for free, use our advanced tools for a small fee or work with an expert who can provide holistic planning for a fixed fee when and where you want.

Holistic and Tailored to You

What are your goals, what kind of lifestyle do you want, where do you want to live, how much risk are you comfortable with, do you want an encore career, will you consider home equity, do you want to hedge longevity risk, how is your health – we collaboratively work these kinds of questions through to create a retirement plan that is unique to you.

We’re on Your Side

Most of the investment industry is pushing you to save & invest more – since their fees are based on your total assets. Unlike many advisors we are paid a flat fee by you so we have no incentive to push a particular product or provider. This removes any conflicts of interest. NewRetirement and our expert team is paid for the services we provide to you – just like a lawyer or CPA. If you have $250K or $1M or $5M – our pricing is based on what you need – not on how much you have.