Our Parents Needed Help Planning for Retirement…

Why are we building NewRetirement?

This got started because Steve’s mom needed help planning and managing the transition into her own retirement – even though she was a college educated white collar worker who co-owned an advertising business. She like millions of other people had not adequately prepared for retirement.   Steve and his brother Tim looked around for good trustworthy resources and experts to help her and unfortunately could not find a good solution, so they did it themselves with spreadsheets and lots of family conversations about various trade offs.  Luckily for her both of them had financial services experience (at places like JP Morgan, Schwab, Wells Fargo) and Tim was a Stanford MBA.  (gotta have one in the family right?)

Then we looked around and noticed that there are approximately 120 Million people in the US who are over age 50 – but only 30% have saved more than $100,000 for retirement.  Additionally the risk and work of planning for retirement had been shifted to individuals with the decline of pensions.  Today families face risks around inflation, market returns, longevity, health care costs & care giving and changing government programs among many others.

We believed we could help by putting together the content, tools and community to enable people to help themselves with a DIY retirement planning solution.

What’s different about NewRetirement?

    1. The Best Tool – we (and others) think it’s the best independent retirement planning tool.  We put users in control of their own future by enabling them to build, monitor and maintain their own living plan that evolves with their lives.  No one knows the future and everyone’s life is unique – so we allow users to see where they stand, discover what matters, make good decisions and define the best path for themselves. We believe many consumers don’t trust financial firms & solutions because they don’t understand them – we try to help make things simpler and easier.
    2. Great Content – we keep our users up to date with regular blog updates, monthly newsletters and product updates that can influence our user’s lives and plans.
    3. A Growing Community – our users are sharing their good ideas, strategies and questions about financial planning, where to live, healthcare, lifestyle and many other topics.

The Why behind NewRetirement and How we help our users