Announcing a New NewRetirement Logo to Better Reflect Our Commitment to Personalized Planning

We are proud to announce the launch of a new NewRetirement logo as part of the evolution of our financial planning brand and platform.

About the new logo — planning your way

Overall, the new logo illustrates our mission to help you create a personalized path to the future you want. 

Reflecting our ideals of enabling you to live life and plan your future your way, the logo is designed to have multiple interpretations.

Find answers that are “right for you”

NewRetirement is not about one “right” answer. We are all about what is right for you — your values, your resources, and your goals. 

Discover your personalized path

The logo shows that there is more than one path to achieve a secure and happy future.

The press, your HR department, banks and even financial advisors often make you think that financial planning is all about savings and investments. But, they’re wrong. Savings are only one piece of the puzzle — and not always what matters most to everyone.

The NewRetirement Planner can help you do better with all aspects of your plan — your time, taxes, income, budgets, Social Security, work, housing, assumptions, healthcare, debts, withdrawals, and more.

See your money in an optimistic light

The logo can be seen as sunlight illuminating financial clarity.

Too many people feel stressed and worried about money. We want to help you see your finances in an optimistic light. Taking control over your money by creating and maintaining a financial plan is a proven way to feel better about your situation.

Uncover how small changes can have a big impact

The new logo also illustrates how a decision — even a small change — can ripple outward and have a significant impact on your future finances. For example, how much house you own, your savings rate,  delaying Social Security or doing a Roth conversion can affect you today as well as your future wealth and security.

Get excited about your future

Additionally, the new logo can be seen as infinite exciting possibilities on the horizon.

What is your path to the life you want?

Whether you’ve saved millions or are planning on living on Social Security alone, NewRetirement will help you get organized, see where you stand and find opportunities for doing better now and in the future.

The NewRetirement Planner is the only truly comprehensive financial planning resource available online.

What is worrying you today? What dream do you have for the future. Run a scenario with the Planner, get suggestions for improving your plans and discover your path to the life you want.

About NewRetirement

For people who want clarity about their choices today and their financial security tomorrow, NewRetirement is a financial planning platform that gives people the ability to discover, design and manage personalized paths to a secure future.

Our goal is to make high quality low cost financial guidance available to everyone. More than 155,000 people representing more than $168 Billion in wealth currently trust the system to make the most of their money and time. The platform can be co-branded or white labeled for partners. Additionally, the company provides API access to companies who wish to embed planning functionality within their own site.

NewRetirement Planner

Do it yourself retirement planning: easy, comprehensive, reliable

NewRetirement Planner

Take financial wellness into your own hands and do it yourself retirement planning: easy, comprehensive, reliable.

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