Up Next

Up Next

Cool things we are beavering away at now, but if you’d rather see what’s already live, check out our release notes.

In Progress Planner & Plus improvements

Some of our top-requested items that we’ll be addressing soon:

  • Real (today) vs. Nominal (future) dollars switch
  • A design facelift of the onboarding experience
  • Updates to the Overview page
In Progress Support for Goals and the NR Method

We know that the number one goal for our users is to make it through retirement without running out of money, but often that’s not the only goal. Whether it’s leaving an inheritance, paying for a family member’s education, traveling the world, or something else, we’re building tools to help our users include those goals in their plans and provide ideas on how to ensure you achieve them.

In Progress Virtual Financial Advisor “Tesla for Planning”

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” Arthur C. Clark’s 3rd law.

Basically we will help solve & optimize plans automagically. More coming on this.

Planned Enhanced Scenario Management and Analysis Tools

One of our most-requested feature enhancements is improved scenario capabilities. We’re tackling this in several ways and can’t wait to share with everybody soon.