Up Next

Up Next

Cool things we are beavering away at now, but if you’d rather see what’s already live , check out our release notes.

In Progress NR Score update

We’ll be applying Monte Carlo to more areas of our site and tuning the score to reflect your likelihood of achieving your plan. We’re also working on showing you how much any given plan change impacts your Score.

In Progress Simpler UX (User Experience)

Make the whole Planner & Plus experience much simpler to use. We’re thinking paint by numbers – figure out the big things, then dive into the areas where you can gain significant value (taxes, healthcare, pension, Social Security, withdrawals, investing, risk) but hide things that don’t matter to you.

In Progress Virtual Financial Advisor framework

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” Arthur C. Clark’s 3rd law.

Basically we will help solve & optimize plans automagically. More coming on this.

In Progress Asset Allocation / Portfolio Optimization

We’ll help review your portfolio and suggest ideas for lowering your costs, being more tax efficient and dialing in the appropriate risk to hit your goals.

In Progress Planner & Plus improvements

Things people are asking for:

  • labels
  • additional account types (HSAs, 457, etc),
  • life insurance
  • month/year vs age selection
  • taxability on passive income
  • better messaging
  • Real (today) vs. Nominal (future) dollars switch
  • Account linking improvements