Reverse Mortgage Retirement Planner

Use this simplified version of our award-winning retirement planner to see how a reverse mortgage may impact your retirement plan.

Step 1: Update your retirement profile


Age / Spouse Age
House Value
Mortgage Balance
Mortgage Payment
Mortgage Rate
you would not have enough home equity to qualify for a reverse mortgage


Retirement Savings
After-Tax Savings


  From To Income
Social Security  
Pensions/Annuities   Remove
Other Income Remove


  From To Expense
Current Expenses 65
Future Expenses Remove

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Step 2: Review your results

If you get a reverse mortgage at age:

It may extend your savings and income by 14 years

Before Getting Reverse Mortgage

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After Getting Reverse Mortgage

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This estimate is based on very simple assumptions and limited inputs. For a more accurate projection, including the ability to specify different income sources, break out expenses, and edit assumptions, create a free account to use the full NewRetirement Planner.

Modeling Assumptions:

  • Goal age is set to life expectancy plus 10 years, based on current age
  • Other Income growth rate is set to 2% optimistically and 1% pessimistically
  • Social Security adjusts for inflation
  • Annuity and Pension income are not inflation-linked and do not grow
  • Inflation Rate is set to 2% optimistically and 3% pessimistically
  • Medical Cost Inflation Rate is set to 2.5% optimistically and 5.5% pessimistically
  • Out of pocket medical expenses after 65 are estimated using national averages
  • Consumer has not purchased long term care insurance
  • Savings rate of return is set to 4% optimistically and 2% pessimistically
  • Monthly Contributions to savings are set to 3% of Other Income but only apply if there is sufficient income to cover expenses
  • Housing appreciation is set to 2.5%
  • Income taxes are calculated using 2017 tax table brackets and standard deductions, inflation adjusted until goal age
  • Starting at age 70.5, the calculator estimates required minimum distributions
  • All values entered and displayed in “today’s” dollars

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