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When is it Better to Take Social Security Benefits? At 62 or 66? Or Some Other Time?


Enter Your Expected Social Security Income and Information About Your Retirement Budget

If you do not have your Social Security Statement, you can get your statement online or get a quick estimate from the Social Security Administration.

Monthly Social Security income if starting at 62:
(from your annual Social Security statement)
Monthly Social Security income if starting at 66:
(from your annual Social Security statement)
Social Security annual growth rate: %
Monthly retirement expenses:
Savings at 62nd birthday:
Return on investments: %
Inflation: %

Working After Age 62

If you are taking benefits as well as working between the ages of 62 and your full retirement age then your Social Security income may be penalized by $1 for every $2 over the wage limit. Enter information about working after 62:

Monthly wages after age 62:
Annual wage growth: %
Age you will stop working:
Current wage limit:
(from SSA Publication No. 05-10069)

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