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2018 Medicare Open Enrolllment

2018 Medicare Open Enrollment: 10 Tips for Getting Great Coverage

Tis the season…  No, it is not quite time to decide whether you’ll say Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Bah Humbug or none of the above.  It does, however, involve shopping! The 2018 Medicare Open Enrollment season is upon us and will last from from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7. Now is the time to to…

best retirement

Do You Even Have What it Takes? 8 Skills You Need for a Fantastically Happy Best Retirement

Here is some good news: you don’t necessarily need $1 million dollars for a successful retirement. So, what you do need? We did a little digging and here are 8 important skills that will enable you to achieve financial security, health and the best retirement possible. Find out if you have the skills… to pay…

Social Security 2018

Social Security 2018: Biggest Benefit Increase in Recent History Is Probably Not Enough

Social Security 2018: The Social Security Administration announced this week the biggest Cost of Benefit Living Adjustment (COLA) increase of the last five years.  However, many retirees say that it is just not enough. The Social Security 2018 increase is big, but definitely NOT that big. Recipients will receive a whopping… big… massive… 2% increase. …

reverse retirement

Reverse Retirement: Find Out Why So Many Retirees Are Going Back to Work

An astonishing number of retirees reverse retirement — quit their lives of leisure and go back to work either part or full time.  Is retirement really not all that it is cracked up to be? Going backwards is rarely a good idea, but reversing back into a compelling job can actually have far reaching benefits. …

9 Great Reasons to Take a New Look at Reverse Mortgages

Reverse mortgages are a type of home equity loan for homeowners 62 years and older. If you have been thinking about getting a reverse mortgage, here are 9 new reasons to take a fresh look at the program. 1. You Are Protected in a Natural Disaster Floods. Fires. Earthquakes.  It has been a rough few…

starting social security

Are You Relying Too Heavily on Social Security in Your Retirement Plan?

Most of us count down the days, months and even years in anticipation of starting Social Security. In fact, besides qualifying for Medicare, perhaps the retirement event we most look forward to is the day we can start receiving these benefits — after sleeping in of course. Carly Simon’s lyrics come to mind: Anticipation Anticipay…

what is a bond ladder

Is a Bond Ladder Strategy Right for Your Retirement? Should You Climb on Up?

Bonds can be a core low risk component of retirement portfolios, but they do come with one significant risk factor: if interest rates go up, the bonds you already own will plummet in value.  A bond ladder strategy can be a way to reduce that particular risk. First things first, what is a bond? A…

ready to retire

Hurry! Get Ready to Retire! The Best Time of Your Life Awaits!

You might be nervous about your future but research suggests that you should run — not walk — toward retirement.  Get ready to retire because the best times of your life await you. Most People Find that Retirement is the Happiest Period of Life Research from Age Wave and Merrill Lynch found that, of all…

financial fraud

Over 50? 12 Critical Tips to Protect Yourself from Financial Fraud and Identity Theft

Last week it was broadly reported that the credit reporting agency Equifax suffered a major cybersecurity breach that put us all at a greater risk of financial fraud. Experts estimate that hackers stole the data — Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, driver’s license numbers, credit card information and more — of 143 million people….

catch up contributions

A Powerful Retirement Saving Secret: Use Tax Advantaged Catch Up Contributions When Over 50

Most of us are pretty stressed by the need to give our savings a big boost as we approach retirement.  Guess what? There is actually a relatively little known retirement savings strategy that can really help: Catch up contributions. Catch up contributions are the IRS’s way of making it easier for savers age 50 and…