Retirement Jobs: 4 Great Opportunities to Work at Home

Retirement Jobs: 4 Great Opportunities to Work at Home

There really are benefits to going to work every day (having a place to go and people to see can keep us engaged in life in meaningful ways).

However, in retirement, many of us dream of jobs with a little more flexibility.  Working at home can give us that flexibility.  And the good news is that the options for working at home are growing.

Working at home can be ideal for retirees.
Working at home can be ideal for retirees.

What Work at Home Options Are Available to Retirees?

As someone retired, your work at home options really are the same as anyone else’s.  Here are some of the popular work at home options and tips for getting started.


1. Work for a Company from Home:  More and more companies are allowing employees to work at home.  Browsing the links below, you will that there are work at home opportunities in a wide variety of industries.  However, Flexjobs did a survey and fount that the top industries offering remote work opportunities include healthcare, information technology, education, nonprofit and philanthropy and sales and marketing.

Here are just some of the thousands 0f listings for work at home jobs — sort for part or full time opportunities:

2. Start a Home Based Business:   What are you passionate about?  What do you enjoy doing?  Are you good enough to turn any of your hobbies or skills into a home based business?

There are so many different options.  Consider this list to get started brainstorming about the kind of business you might be able to run from home:  accountant, tax preparer, interior designer, home stager, tutor, private sports coach, boat cleaner, dog walker, personal chef, caterer, event planner, personal organizer, writer and consultant — using knowledge from your previous career.

Of course, it is critical to remember that — in addition to being good at the service you are offering — you must also be prepared to be an effective marketer and sales person for your business.

3. Direct Selling: There are many companies who employ people to sell their companies from home.  Some of these opportunities are legitimate, but the amount of money you make is not tremendous — varying from $300-$500 a month — on average.

If you are good with people and can get passionate about a product, direct selling might be for you.  Examples of companies that offer direct sales include: Tupperware, Avon, Traveling Vineyard and Mary Kay.

If this is something that interests you, you might try to find the right fit between your interests and the product you are going to sell.  The Direct Selling Association offers a search that enables you to find companies offering direct sales jobs in hundreds of different categories.

4. Working Online:  What many people don’t know is that the Internet has not only revolutionized how people access information and buy products online, but also how people can make money and create their own side incomes.

Read, “Supplement Retirement Savings with Income Made Online” for more information about making money through blogging, selling items on Etsy or Ebay and more…

Are You Sure Working from Home is for You? 

Working from home is not for everyone, you need to have some specific personality traits and you need to have access to the right kind of set up.

Do you have the right personality for working at home?  You may think you want to work from home, but make sure you have the right personality for all aspects of the job:

  • Are you self motivated?
  • Can you effectively manage your own time?
  • Do you like being alone?

Do you have the right set up at home?  Consider the type of job you would like to do and make sure that you have the right set up.  Everyone will  need an area that can provide a distraction free work environment and– no  matter what your business is — you will probably need a computer, fast internet service, and good telephone reception.

What else might be unique to your job?  And do you have those resources?

What Kind of Work do You Want to Do?  A lot of work from home jobs are done on the phone or at the computer.  But you may be able to find more active options.

Some sales jobs for example enable you to go on sales calls.  Consulting projects might mean meetings with clients.  Maybe you can find a gig baking cakes for events or arranging flowers. Consider what your expectations are for hours at home vs hours out in the field.

Why Do You Want to Work at Home?

As mentioned above, working can have so many benefits beyond income.

However, it is always important to know what your income requirements are.  Using a retirement calculator can be a great way to find out what you need for a secure retirement.


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