Budgeting & Spending

Budgeting, especially for the future can be tricky. Find articles below to help you reduce your spending, save more, understand inflation, know how much you can spend, strategize for emergencies and more.

Your household budget is a foundation of your financial wellness. When working, ideally you are spending less than you are earning and are able to save the balance. When you are retired, you need to be able to plan to spend less over your lifetime than your retirement income and savings withdrawals allow.

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Top 5 Sources of Retirement Income

Generating enough income to live comfortably during retirement is one of the biggest challenges that every American may face later in life. In 2014, the Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) asked Baby Boomers what they considered their top-five retirement income sources. They found that Social Security tops their list. In fact, research shows that 65% of…

September 3, 2014

The Price is Right! Top Couponing Strategies and Web Sites for the Retired

AARP senior discounts used to be one of the only ways to save money. Now online coupons and discounts can be found on anything and everything and are a great way to save money on retirement expenses. Here are a few of the strategies and sites we think are best. • Search for Specific Discounts:…

May 7, 2013

NewRetirement Planner

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