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retirement income conference

9 Powerful Insights from the Retirement Income Summit

Earlier this week I traveled to Chicago to attend the Retirement Income Summit — a financial advisor industry conference focused on the latest ideas about how to improve and secure retirement income. I saw presentations, met up with insiders in the financial services industry and found a few ideas to help you have a better…

what is a bond ladder

Is a Bond Ladder Strategy Right for Your Retirement? Should You Climb on Up?

Bonds can be a core low risk component of retirement portfolios, but they do come with one significant risk factor: if interest rates go up, the bonds you already own will plummet in value.  A bond ladder strategy can be a way to reduce that particular risk. First things first, what is a bond? A…

financial advisor fees

Financial Advisor Fees: What Will You Pay to Use a Financial Advisor

Financial advisor fees can be confusing. Different financial advisors have various ways of charging for their services, including: Commissions Flat or Hourly Fees Assets Under Management (AUM) Fee Based (Combination of fees and commissions) All of these payment methods are used by legitimate and reputable retirement financial planners. And, each payment method has advantages and…

Can You Feel Confident About Retirement without Consulting a Financial Advisor?

Can you retire without consulting a financial advisor or some kind of retirement professional?  Of course.  You can do anything you want to do. Can you retire AND have a secure future without talking with a retirement professional?  The answer to this question might be a little more complicated. Bad News: The bad news is…

dol fiduciary rule

DOL Fiduciary Rule: Could Trump Ruin Your Retirement Finances?

Every financial publication has an article about how Trump might be ruining your retirement with his executive order to revise the Department of Labor’s DOL fiduciary rule for financial advisors. However, because you are reading this article, you are probably relatively engaged with your retirement accounts and may have less reason to worry. There are…

how to find a good financial advisor

How to Find a Good Financial Advisor When 12% Have had Complaints About Them

As you near retirement, you may decide it’s time to have someone help make sure you are set up for a successful future. We could all use financial advice, how to find a GOOD financial advisor is the important question. It is your money. You need good advice, not bad! Unfortunately, more than 12% of…

When to Start Working With a Financial Planner — If Ever

Can you trust a financial advisor? The benefits of working with a financial planner are widely known and convincingly supported by research. However,  too few of us actually turn to professional help when it comes to planning for. A recent study by Northwestern Mutual found that only 20% of Americans have a written financial plan….

Retirement plan consultants

Market Plunge Makes the Case for Retirement Plan Consultants

Sound financial advice can help you play leapfrog instead of stock market dodgeball. Are retirement plan consultants worth the investment? Toss a quarter in the air and it will land on the right answer. Depending on who you ask, of course. The case for hiring one might be found in the recent stock market plunge….

Plan your retirement

Working with a Financial Counselor to Plan Your Retirement

Alexis Schroeder is a 22-year-old fitness, finance and travel blogger. She writes about saving money while living a healthy, adventurous life in her 20s. Steve Douglas once said, “Your future is always more valuable than today,the sooner you realize that, the better.” With that in mind, working with a financial counselor to plan your retirement…


What a Financial Advisor Can Do For You and Your Retirement

Whether you’re new to planning or have a few years under your belt, a retirement advisor can help you meet your unique goals. A financial advisor and retirement advisor are the same in many ways. But there’s one significant difference. Where a financial advisor is concerned with your finances and goals generally, a retirement planner…