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  • It seems to me that meeting new people is somewhat dependent upon your personality type.

    If you're outgoing, presentable, and pleasant, it seems to me that you won't have any trouble meeting other nice people whose company you would enjoy wherever you go or are in life.

    If you need an "ice breaker", (and you like and care about dogs), adopt one that you can care for -- grooming, veteranary care, exercise -- and take it for its twice a day walk.

    I wear a wedding ring, but I constantly meet fellow dog owners and dog lovers or folks who walk or jog along this popular trail. And we stop and talk about our dogs and dog experiences.

    The reason that I mention dog owners is that they represent a class of folks who have committed themselves to being responsible for the health and happiness of their dog.

    So dog owners represent folks who demonstrate their ability to be in a long term relationship, (with a dog), that is also a high maintenance responsibility -- two very important characteristics that you should be looking for -- and which you should also possess -- because as we age, health issues will become an increasing part of your life and the life of your partner.

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