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  • Many of the ‘common sense’ solutions to the healthcare problem are disregarded by the current administration and the majority on congress. Tort reform and interstate competition immediately come to mind.

    We also need to look to the free market solutions that other countries have adopted, like Singapore, Hong Kong and S. Africa where Health Savings Accounts (HSA) have the majority of participants in their program. When Mandela first became president of S.A., only 20% of the S.A. population had health insurance. Mandela abolished the employer’s ability to deduct employee coverage and gave that deduction to the individual workers. With that tax deduction incentive, workers chose their own plan that was best for them instead of some arbitrary group. Most chose HSAs. Today over 90% of the population has their own health coverage.

    On a recent trip to Singapore, a friend noted that on his way from the airport into town, there was a billboard advertizing Cat-Scans and MRIs for $89.95 during weekends and after normal business hours. Since most folks there have to actually write the check out of their own HSA, they look for bargains and shop around for services. Two months ago, the MRI I needed cost my insurance company over $2200. For that amount, I could have flown to Singapore, got their MRI done and spend a couple days playing tourist! I just replace my own CPAP mask (for my sleep apnea condition). The medical supply shop wanted $160 for the mask and said they could bill my insurance company, when I asked what the price would be if I paid them “cash today”, the price suddenly became $100.

    If each of us had as PresBO says, some “skin in the game”, the healthcare market would have to compete for our dollars just as the rest of the competitive market does.

    As a side bar, once gov't passes "Obam-aloci Care" and provides everyone with healthcare, the next power grab will be to mandate everyone's lifestyle using the excuse that since they pay for the healthcare, they have to keep you from smoking, drinking, saturated fats, sweets, hang-gliding, scuba, motorcycles, post nasal drip, E.D. and anything else they can think of.

    Adakin Valorem

    “Support the Candidates that Support the FairTax!”

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