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  • Be Able to Walk... An important factor when choosing where to retire!

    Asked on 5/9/2006

    My husband and I are in our 80s and live in the suburbs. My husband was recently told that he should no longer drive and I decided not to drive any more about 10 years ago.

    So, we are considering moving closer to an area where we can walk around. There are so many factors to consider in retirement housing.

    We chose a house on all one level with a maintenance free yard. We feel like we were well informed about what to look for in a retirement house... But, we did not consider location. We now really wish that we could walk to the corner market.

    We advise you to consider this factor when choosing a house to grow old in. What do you think is important for a retirement house?

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  • I read your post with interest. My 88 year old mother lives in a nice condominium near an upscale market. She used to walk the half mile to the market, but she can't any longer. So she uses a cab. She does use a walker now to get around. As an aside, it's been my observation that women are much more determined then men to walk.

    I live in my single level house, (though it also has a walk out finished lower level since it is sited on a sloping lot).

    By car, the local supermarket is 1.1 miles from my house. Though I'm perfectly capable of walking that distance, (even though its hilly), I choose not to. I could argue that the lack of sidewalks makes the walk more difficult, but I know that is an excuse.

    It helps me though to observe that no one else walks to the market either!

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