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  • Will I have income if I live 25 years? Will there be anything left for my heirs, ie grandchildren?

    Asked by a 80 year old woman from Saint Louis, MO on 8/16/2012

    Will I have income if I live 25 years? Will there be anything left for my heirs, ie grandchildren?

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  • This is exactly the type of detailed question the NewRetirement Retirement Calculator is designed to answer. We hope you found valuable information to help you assess your retirement situation and ideas for how you might tweak your plans for greater retirement security.


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    It is a huge problem trying to figure out how long your money will last in retirement -- you simply don't know how long you will live or how much you will be required to spend -- inflation and medical costs are huge unknowns and can wreak havoc on retirement finances.

    If Social Security and other lifetime income sources like pensions do not cover your basic retirement expenses, then many financial planners highly recommend a lifetime annuity with inflation protection to make sure that you can maintain your quality of life. You can estimate the cost of monthly income here:
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    With your basic expenses covered, you may be able to take a little more risk and get potentially better returns with any remaining assets. To maximize returns on your assets, you will want to invest prudently. There are a few new online investment resources that may help with your investment decisions. Companies like MarketRiders are utilizing investment strategies developed by Nobel laureates in finance to provide automated investment advice at a relatively low cost. These companies try to maximize investment returns and minimize risk. You can match yourself to one of these asset allocation resources here:
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