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The Best Annuities: What to Look For and Why Buy Them

With the Best Annuities Your Retirement Can Set Sail While investing a big portion of your retirement savings in the stock market can be a risky decision, putting some of that money into an annuity can help ensure you have a steady flow of income for life. There are downsides, but they can be a…

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Dangerous? Great? Foolish? The Real Scoop on Lifetime Annuities

Annuities have a strange reputation. Some people think they are a great way to guarantee income in retirement. Other people think of them as a bad investment. So what’s the real scoop on lifetime annuities? Forget everything that you might have heard about lifetime annuities: “They’re great, they’re dangerous, they’re safe, or you could lose…

Retirement Income Streams

5 Tips for Creating Retirement Income Streams

Americans are living longer than ever. That’s mostly great news for older adults.  You now have more opportunities to enjoy family and enrich your community. However, we are all concerned about outliving our money.  Having retirement income streams to meet expenses for as long as you live is a significant concern. Most articles on retirement…

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Pros and Cons of Annuities – How to Evaluate Annuities for Your Retirement

If you are worried about paying for retirement, it is worth evaluating the pros and cons of annuities. An annuity is an insurance product that pays out income. You make an investment in the annuity and then it makes payments to you, giving you a dependable income stream during retirement. Pros of Annuities Annuities offer…

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Fixed Income Annuity: Solve 3 Big Problems with 1 Investment

Fixed income annuities can have many key benefits for retirees.  Of all the challenges we face in preparing financially for retirement — creating a steady income stream, gaining tax leverage, and reducing risk of losing money — are at the top of the list.And, the promise of fixed income annuities – an investment tool that…

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What Is an Annuity? Hype or Hope for Your Retirement?

What is an annuity? An annuity is technically an insurance product — not an investment.  Instead of trading money for financial protection from fire, flood or a health emergency, you are trading a lump sum in exchange for guaranteed income payments.The insurance company is taking the risk for downside in financial markets and — in…


What is a 403(b)? Is a Tax Sheltered Annuity a Good Investment?

If you are an employee at a school, church, hospital or other non profit, then you are eligible for a “tax-sheltered annuity” — also known as a 403(b) plan. (Don’t work for a non profit? Learn more about annuities and how to invest in them in a tax advantaged way. ) History of the 403(b)…

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Annuities — Can They Provide Enough Money for You to Live Securely in Retirement?

An annuity helps you pay yourself for life. Annuities often get a bad rap, but maybe that’s not entirely fair. While some advisers love them, just as many, probably more, warn against them. But there are a lot more options than there used to be, and more ways for you to find a policy that…

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Are Fixed Annuities a Good Fix for Your Retirement Plan?

It appears that more consumers are turning to fixed annuities as a source of income in retirement, and demand for the product doesn’t seem likely to slow any time soon. Can a fixed annuity fix your retirement plan? When you buy an annuity, you are exchanging a lump sum of money for an agreed upon…

Pros and cons of annuities

Suze Orman Talks Annuities Pros and Cons

When it comes to investing, there is no right answer for everyone. Financial guru Suze Orman warns those saving for retirement that taking action based on finance myths can get you into trouble when reality sets in. As the economic climate begins to change, so will the way that people need to save for retirement….