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Step 2: Review your results and ideas

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Make an update to your retirement profile and instantly see how your plan changes.

Lifetime Debt:
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Modeling Assumptions:

  • Goal age is set to life expectancy plus 10 years, based on current age
  • Other Income growth rate is set to 3% optimistically and 2% pessimistically
  • Social Security adjusts for inflation
  • Annuity and Pension income are not inflation-linked and do not grow
  • Inflation Rate is set to 2% optimistically and 4% pessimistically
  • Medical Cost Inflation Rate is set to 2.5% optimistically and 5.5% pessimistically
  • Out of pocket medical expenses after 65 are estimated using national averages
  • Consumer has not purchased long term care insurance
  • Savings rate of return is set to 4% optimistically and 2% pessimistically
  • Income taxes are calculated using 2017 tax table brackets and standard deductions, inflation adjusted until goal age
  • Starting at age 70.5, the calculator estimates required minimum distributions
  • All values entered and displayed in “today’s” dollars

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Your Needs

Here is a Comparison of Your Retirement Savings Needs and How Much You Have and Are Projected to Have at Age 52, 71 and 85

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What You Need: The blue bar represents how much savings you will need at ages 52, 71 and 85 to fund your retirement until you are 89 and your spouse is 92.
What You Have: The green bar represents how much savings you are projected to have at ages 52, 71 and 85. You are doing well if the green bar is taller than the blue bar.
At Age 52:

It appears that you currently have $255,875 in savings. The system also estimates that you will need $1,464,995 for a secure retirement.

You are $1,209,120 behind. Working longer, a retirement job, reducing expenses, tapping home equity are some of the most popular ways other retirees make up for a lack of retirement savings. Use “” to try out some or all of these options. You can immediately see the impact on your retirement security.

At Age 71:

By 71 you are projected to have $544,331 in savings and need $1,533,009. This amounts to a $988,678 deficit.

At Age 85:

At age 85, you are projected to have ($188,907) in savings and will still need $682,937.

Improve Your Plan

Use “” to explore changes and see how they impact your retirement security.

Cash Flow Forecast

Income: The blue line represents your income. The ideal situation is to always have your guaranteed retirement income be greater or equal to your retirement expenses.
Expenses: The orange line represents your expenses, which includes estimated taxes on income and qualified retirement account distributions. During years when your income is lower than expenses, the system automatically models withdrawals from your savings to supplement your earned income.
Savings: The green line represents your savings. Your savings shows growth if you are adding to your accounts or earning returns. It will fall if you lose or spend money.

Your Savings Timeline

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  • Your current age
  • Spouse current age
  • Out of savings age – pessimistic assumptions
  • Out of savings age – optimistic assumptions