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As a founder of NewRetirement, Kathleen is passionate about delivering empowering tools and articles to people who are concerned about retirement. She works with teams of writers and designers to deliver easy to understand information that help you make the right decisions about your financial future.

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giving money to family

Giving Money to Family? Are You Handing Out More or Less than Average?

As if saving enough to pay for your own retirement isn’t worrisome enough, research from Merrill Lynch and Age Wave suggests that most people over 50 (6 out of 10 in fact) are providing financial support to family members in need — either on a one off basis or as continuing regular support.  Giving money…

will i run out of money in retirement

How to Knock Out the “Will My Retirement Savings Last” Worries!
Give Your Retirement Plan the 1-2 Punch it Needs!

Believe me, you are not alone if you have nervously asked yourself, your spouse or even a financial advisor: “will my retirement savings last?”  Concerns about running out of money in retirement are almost universal — no matter how much money you have.  Afterall, there are many unknowable variables that can impact your retirement security…

Secure Retirement Plan

The Building Blocks of a Secure Retirement Plan — How Tall Does Your Tower Need to Be? Will it Topple?

Planning your future retirement is complicated.  Creating a secure retirement plan requires that you know what you want and then being able to put together what you have to achieve your goals.  While retirement planning is not child’s play, it might be easier if you think about the components of your plan as being a…

9 Surprising and Dirty Secrets About Healthcare, Medicaid and Your Retirement

The recent nationwide debate about whether or not Medicaid should continue to receive funding should have had special resonance for people of retirement age. Here are 9 things you might not know about Medicaid and your chances of needing it in the future: 1. You Have a High Percentage Chance of Winding Up on Medicaid…

best retirement plans

Best Retirement Plans: Definitive Ranking of the 25 Best Ways to Spend Retirement

So, what are the best retirement plans? Well… there is no wrong way to spend retirement. Without the grind of a job, you typically have the freedom to allocate your time however you wish. However, these 25 ideas and lifestyles just might rise above the rest as the best ways to spend your retirement. The…

retirement at 65

Is Retirement at 65 Ridiculous?

“Retirement at 65 is ridiculous.  When I was sixty-five I still had pimples.” — George Burns It seems that George Burns was onto something.  More and more older Americans are working well past the traditional age of 65 and there is good reason. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall U.S. work force…

best places to be retired

Where Are the Best Places to Be Retired? (The U.S. Currently Ranks 17th Worldwide)

So where are the best places to be retired? According to a new study, 2017 Global Retirement Index Report from Natixis Global Asset Management, the top 10 overall countries that rank highest overall are: Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands and Luxembourg. The United States fell 3 places this year and…

retirement investment plan

6 Competing Priorities that Make a Retirement Investment Plan So Complicated — Especially After You Retire

Saving for retirement is hard.  However, when you are still working, creating a retirement investment plan can be comparatively straightforward.  The goal is to simply grow the money. But watch out! When you retire, your investment goals become multi faceted, layered and — let’s face it — down right complicated. You still want your money…

don't worry be happy in retirement

Don’t Worry Be Happy (and Retired)!
The Top 5 Retirement Worries and How to Alleviate these Stresses

At the risk of getting this song stuck in your head, do you remember “Don’t Worry Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin?  Hum along while you review this list of people’s biggest retirement worries and the ideas for how to reduce these stresses. The list of concerns comes from BlackRock’s Global Investor Pulse survey. Here’s a…

should I buy an annuity

Should I Buy an Annuity? 4 Reasons to Make the Purchase and 4 Reasons Not To

Depending on who you talk to, you’ll get very different answers to the question, “should I buy an annuity?”  In fact, there are some great reasons to buy an annuity, but there are also many people who would advise that annuities are a terrible idea. The truth of course depends on your own goals and…