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As a founder of NewRetirement, Kathleen is passionate about delivering empowering tools and articles to people who are concerned about retirement. She works with teams of writers and designers to deliver easy to understand information that help you make the right decisions about your financial future.

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be happy

Be Happy: 7 Ways to Worry Less About Your Retirement

Don’t Worry… Be Happy… About Your Retirement!!! You can be happy in retirement While the economy is supposedly doing pretty well, you may still feel constantly stressed about your finances and you are probably asking yourself, do I have enough money for retirement? If you are worried, you’re not alone. The majority of Americans are…

is long term care insurance worth it

Is Long Term Care Insurance Worth It? Explore the Pros and Cons

Whether to purchase long-term care insurance or not is a personal decision. Many people opt not to purchase it because it costs too much or they simply don’t know enough about it. While there are definitely some pros to getting coverage, there are many cons to long term care insurance — many of which have…


No Laughing Matter: 6 Strategies to Manage Required Minimum Distributions (RMD)

When we reach the age of 70 ½ we must — in order to avoid tax penalties — take Required Minimum Distributions from IRAs, 401ks and other types of tax advantaged accounts — all  retirement accounts funded with pre-tax contributions. Here are some strategies to manage Required Minimum Distributions ( (RMD s). So what exactly is…

pros and cons of annuities

Pros and Cons of Annuities – How to Evaluate Annuities for Your Retirement

If you are worried about paying for retirement, it is worth evaluating the pros and cons of annuities. An annuity is an insurance product that pays out income. You make an investment in the annuity and then it makes payments to you, giving you a dependable income stream during retirement. The Big Takeaways Annuities are…

Happy Retirement

Want to Have a Good Retirement? 50 Tips for a Healthy, Wealthy and Happy Retirement

If you want to have a good retirement, you need to figure out what that means to you. Do some life planning for retirement, set goals and create a plan that allows you to achieve exactly what you want. What do most of us want? It is usually pretty simple a: Happy retirement. Healthy retirement….

retirement planning

The 7 Best Life Expectancy Calculators and Why You Should Use One When Planning Your Retirement

Your longevity is one of the most significant unknowable factors that determine how much you need for retirement, how much you can spend, how much time you have to do the things you want to do and more. Estimating your longevity using one of the best life expectancy calculators can be a good way to improve…

Friendships Across Generations: The Powerful Benefits of Younger Pals

You have probably read about the perils of loneliness as you age. And, how feeling alone can actually reduce your life span by as much as regular smoking does. However, did you know that some research suggests that it is not just a matter of having relationships, it is also who your friends happen to…

spend safely in retirement strategy

Want Reliable Retirement Income? Use the Spend Safely in Retirement Strategy

One of the biggest fears you probably have about retirement is will your money last as long as you do. It is likely that you are also asking: How much can I spend?  How much do I need? How much do I actually have? There are so many questions. Good news: the Stanford Center on…

million dollar retirement

3 Steps to a Million Dollar Retirement (Even if You Haven’t Saved Anything Quite Yet)

You have probably read somewhere that you need $1 million in savings to retire.  While that is not entirely true, we are here to tell you that it IS possible to have a million dollar retirement even if you haven’t started saving quite yet. According to a recent GOBankingRates survey, 29% of adults age 55…

retirement calculator with pension

Retirement Calculator with Pension Controls: Where to Find and What to Look For

While pensions are not nearly as common as they once were, they are a very important part of the retirement plans for many of society’s most valued workers: teachers, police officers, fire fighters and more!  However, it is surprisingly hard to find a reliable retirement calculator with pension controls. Whether you have a state retirement…