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Social Security 2017: What to Watch

Social Security 2017: You might want to keep your eye on the money. While President Trump promised on the campaign trail that Social Security would not change if he achieved victory, many pundits are worried that this is one promise he will not be able to keep. Most experts have assumed that Social Security would…

Social Security Tricks

Social Security Tricks: Ace the Ultimate Marshmallow Test

It is no secret that delaying the start of your Social Security benefits will probably pay off big in the long run.  However, most retirees eschew the advice and start getting Social Security paychecks almost as soon as they are eligible. According to a report by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, 90%…

Are Social Security Benefits Taxable

Are Social Security Benefits Taxable? What to Watch Out For

Thanks to Devin Carroll, of , for his expertise and contribution to this article… Are Social Security benefits taxable? You may be surprised to learn that the answer is yes. Most of us assume that Social Security is tax-free. After all, you’ve been putting money into the system over the course of your career….

Making the most of Social Security

7 Insider Tips for Getting the Most from Social Security

Mary Beth Franklin is a nationally recognized expert in Social Security claiming strategies, she is also a frequent public speaker.  And, she literally wrote the book (“Maximizing Your Clients’ Social Security Retirement Benefits,”) that retirement planning experts use to advise clients on Social Security. Here she offers you her Social Security expertise with 7 insider…

How Do Clinton and Trump Compare on Social Security and Other Retirement Issues?

Should retirement issues influence how you vote?We are in the midst of a presidential election like none that has ever come before.  And with record numbers of people turning age 65, retirement issues are important. If you are at or approaching retirement age, you may wonder which candidate is a better bet for your interests…

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How to Apply for Social Security: Easy Steps to the Right Decisions

How to apply for Social Security is very straightforward.  Applying is perhaps too easy for such a very important decision.  The more important and complicated question is: When to apply? But, let’s get started with the easy part… How to Apply for Social Security Just follow these six steps… Step 1: Make sure you make…

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Expert Interview Series: Sheri Abrams on Social Security Disability

An illness or injury can totally derail the best laid retirement plans, making it difficult or impossible to earn an income. In 2014, 2.5 million Americans applied for Social Security Disability. But only 810,973 were granted disability payments. What happened? What went wrong? Government agencies can be tricky to navigate at the best of times,…

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3 Big Social Security Changes: What Do They Mean for You?

A few big new Social Security changes will begin being implemented on May 1, 2016 Most of these rules aim to eliminate the ability to manipulate benefits so that you can continue to delay the official start of your own Social Security payments — thereby maximizing your monthly benefit amount.  The longer you delay starting…

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11 Ideas for Living on Nothing More than Social Security in Retirement

Living on Social Security alone is not only possible, many retirees already accomplish that very feat every year. And while the lifestyle associated with a Social Security income isn’t exactly luxurious, it doesn’t have to equal peanut butter sandwiches for the rest of your life, either. How you make it depends on a lot of…

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Thought Leader Series: Retiring on Only Social Security: Great or Terrible Idea?

Rebecca Wiggins is the Executive Director of AFCPE and holds a Masters of Family Financial Planning from Kansas State University. Search for an AFCPE Certified Professional in your area by using the association’s search tool. Now in its 80th year, Social Security is still the cornerstone of the American retirement plan. Following the Great Depression,…